25 Most Outrageous Wastes Of Money Ever Seen


While most of us are living paycheck to paycheck or are swimming in student loan debt, there’s the insanely wealthy 1% out there wasting money like only the insanely wealthy know how.

Make sure you’re sitting down when you read this, you’re about to get jealous and angry. Without further delay, here are the 25 most outrageous wastes of money ever seen.

1.Fiji Bath


I worked at a high-end grocery store in the Hamptons during my summer breaks from college. One day some rich dude strolls in and asks to buy an entire pallet of Fiji bottled water. For his hot tub!


This guy paid $2,000 (cash) for bottled water to dump into his hot tub. The craziest part… When I gave him the price (which I totally made up) he looked confused and said; “wow, that’s it?”.


2. When You Lose Your Sunglasses

Devil Wears Prada/Fox

I worked at a 5 star beach resort. Rich 30 something year old mom comes in around 10am to buy sunglasses. $500 Prada shades? No big deal… These people have F.U. money so I think nothing of it and returned to work like the good employee that I am.


This lady lost the glasses in the ocean, buys another pair, loses that pair, then complains that we won’t give her the 3rd pair for free…. So she pays for the 3rd pair… This all happened before 3pm. 1500 dollars in sunglasses in 5 hours.

 3. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That


My boyfriend’s dad owns 7 different Apple Watches because he doesn’t want to change the bands out.


Cost of an Apple watch is about $379. He has $2,635 in watches because he is lazy. And he wonders why I don’t get along with his parents…


4. It Pays To Be On Time

Mickey Blog

I’m a VIP tour guide at Walt Disney World. Each guide costs $600/hour and charging starts when you ask us to meet you, whether you’re there on time or not. A family booked two of us multiple days in a row and wouldn’t show up until typically 2-3 hours into being charged.


More than $8,000 overall paid for tour time they didn’t use. Didn’t care at all. In case you were wondering, guides only get 2% of that hourly charge.

5.You Gotta Dream Big


Had a friend who was in his late 20s and lived with his parents (100% dependent). Dude worked a part time job and said he was saving money for something big. We all assumed he meant like moving out or a trip out of the country or something.


No. This guy bought a $750 pair of SNEAKERS and then put them in a display case. I haven’t spoken to him in about a year.


6. Viva Las Vegas


In Las Vegas in 2000 at the Bellagio I watched a guy walk up to a high roller blackjack table. He was being followed by a security guard and some guy in a suit carrying what we guesstimated at about $300k in chips. He sat and played blackjack by himself.


We watched for about 45 minutes and he had already lost over $150k…never once showed any emotion. No clue who the guy was, he was dressed like a stereotypical white grandpa in jean shorts, a polo shirt, and white new balance tennis shoes.

7.What a Waste of Food


I was an assistant manager at a grocery store and you wouldn’t believe how much produce I threw out because it wasn’t pretty enough. The district manager set a high standard of how the produce should look. If I didn’t cull it correctly, he would write me up. He came in 1-3 times a week, so I couldn’t get away with not doing what he asked.


When I looked at weekly reports of the shrink, produce amounted for about 100-200 dollars. I asked him if I could donate the produce we throw out, and his response was “that’s theft”. I was so glad when this place went out of business.


 8. My Super Sweet 16.


I moved to Highland Park, Illinois, from Southern California and I’m shocked at how wealthy people are and how much they flaunted it. A girl for her 16th birthday, because she just got her driver’s license, is given a Jaguar XKE by her dad. This 12-cylinder car is impossible for a normal person to drive.


She wrecks it, the first day she has it. And shows up the following day in a little 2 seater Mercedes sports coupe. Daddy’s girl! Imagine the expectations that have already been set for her husband.

9. Champagne Poppy


I work in a nightclub in Las Vegas. Table/bottle service on an average night starts at around $2,000. You get your own table in the club. Bottles of liquor and mixers. Security. Your own waitress. It’s already rather silly to spend $2,000 to drink at a club for a couple of hours… However… Big holiday weekends those prices rise. I’ve seen people $100,000 for a night out.


One person in particular. Works in finance in Dubai. Himself and his wife, along with 6 security guards (who weren’t drinking by the way) order 40 bottles of champagne, at $800 a piece. 4 magnums, at $2,000 each. And several large format bottles(3 Liter and 6 Liter) of champagne at $5,000+ each. I think they only finished 10-15 of the normal sized bottles. A few sips out of the bigger ones, mostly just pouring glasses and handing them to people.

Yeah, you wanna see people throw money away? Go to a Las Vegas nightclub on Memorial Day weekend. It’s kinda gross.


10. Flame On


I Knew a guy that bought a device from a magic website that made it look like you shot fireballs out of your hand. The thing cost $200 and everyone around him said it was stupid.


Of course, it didn’t work and was a complete waste of money. This may be autobiographical.

11. A Light Lunch

D Marge

My brother graduated from law school, we were having a lunch before the graduation event. My grandpa ordered a $500 bottle of champagne for him and his wife at lunch, the waiter mistakenly thought he meant for the entire table of 9. The waiter brings out a $4,000 dollar magnum bottle of champagne.


My grandpa not wanting to be embarrassed opened and accepted it. we all drank what we could and he had the rest sent up to his room. It was about a $6,200 lunch.


12. Anyone Hungry?


I was in a McDonald’s at 4am and a guy bought 98 happy meals just to piss off the staff. The best part, he handed them out for free.


How much do 98 Happy Meals cost you ask? $371.42 which is more than some McDonald’s employees make in a week.

13. How Much Would You Pay For A Beanie Baby?

Readers Digest

When I was a kid, Beanie Babies were all the rage. McDonalds had some dumb toy agreement with them, but they would only give them out in Happy Meals. An old woman in my small town ordered 100 happy meals at a time just for the toys.


Apparently she would freeze the meals and eat them for months. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit just typing this.


14. Got iPads?

My roommate is a rich international student, his parents own a very successful business in Beijing. He spent $1,000 on a brand new iPad Pro (mind you, he already owned one).


This way he can have one iPad plugged into our speaker, and he can use the other iPad as a “remote” to change the music.

15. Just Add A Zero


I work at a computer store. I had a family come in and the conversation went something like this: Dad: “Aiden here’s about to graduate second grade, so we are looking to build him a gaming computer.” Me: “Ok what is your budget for the system?” Kid: Shrugs


Dad: “We are thinking around 4.” Me: “$400 is a little tight but we can see what kind of system we can do for that.” Dad: “No no, $4,000.”


16. I Need It Now


I worked at a phone store and this guy just lost his iPhone X in a river. The guy had insurance on the phone and had a $250 option to use it and get a phone the next day. He said he needed a phone now and ended up paying the $850 he still owed on his phone plus signing a new agreement to get another iPhone X.


We make commission off the phones, but I was looking out in his best interest that doing the insurance would make the most sense but then scoffed and said it’s only $800. He was the epitome of I live off daddy’s money and him acting like $800 is nothing is the most pretentious thing I’ve ever seen.

17. Drinking It All


I watched a guy spend over $13,000 on drinks to impress women at a “gentlemen’s club”. He had way too much to drink and ended up passing out on the couch in the VIP room.


EVERYONE left him there. The club owner had to help him home. At first I was wondering “where are his friends?”. But then I realized, a guy like that probably doesn’t have friends.


18. Who Needs The Gym


My ex is obsessed with bio-hacking and trying to get fit without actually putting in any work. His amazon orders were things like a neck strengthening hat, weird supplements, electromagnetic reader, overpriced detox drinks , handgrip springs. All of which he used once and then either threw out or sold.


Meanwhile, I get him a pass to my gym and offer to work out with him whenever, but nope – too much effort. Trust fund kids are weird.

19. Candy Crushing


My buddy plays some game on his iPad, but only when he’s drunk. He spent $6,000 on in-game purchase, and did all this while planning his $160,000 wedding.


I’m not sure which was the bigger waste of money but the whole thing made me sick. It’s crazy to see how much money people blow on weddings. It’s just one day/night!


20. What’s 20 Million Amongst Friends


When I lived in a suburb of Salt Lake City several years ago, there was a mortgage company headquartered in my city. When the owner of the company had a birthday–it was a major birthday; if memory serves, he was turning sixty–he went to Las Vegas with some family and friends and blew twenty million dollars in a weekend. Twenty. Million. Dollars. In one weekend.


I’d like someone to do the math and figure out how much he was spending per minute. And, yes, before anyone chides me for being holier-than-thou, I know that many people enjoy gambling, and many people don’t view it as a waste. I, myself, love poker. But guess what? When someone loses twenty million dollars in one weekend, I call that a waste.

21. Well Done

Twitter @moonmoon_ow

I worked at a really classy steakhouse with all kinds of prime cuts and prices of beef. Saw a guy ask for the most expensive filet cut, then request it very well done and cover the meat in ketchup before he ate it.


I’m not a vegetarian, but in that case, I actually felt really bad for that poor cow. What a complete waste.


22. Not A His Pot Of Gold


What I personally witnessed was in 2010. My elderly father bought into the gold commercials on the Glenn Beck show on Fox news. He had a good retirement and Social Security but chose to live very meagerly so his bank account grew up to about $15,000. Right after I suggested to him that he could provide a couple thousand dollars to each grandchild and great-grandchild as an inheritance for their education or something, I noticed his bank account was drained to almost nothing. When I questioned him, he admitted that he bought gold coins.


After analyzing the coins (easy to do as there are websites to assist you in determining their quality), I determined that each coin was worth about $100 – $200. He paid over $1000 for each. Even the bank tried to slow down the transaction but nobody in the family really got to know in time. He was in the state of mind where he felt he was capable of making these decisions. He told me that Obama was going to destroy the United States economy and turn our country into a socialist state. He said gold coins would be the only reasonable way to invest for the future.

23. Not Much Off A Saver

NY Daily News

I have a friend who still lives with his parents and has 60k student loan debt who goes probably once a month and spends several hundred dollars at least on dances. If a adult film star that he likes is making an appearance then he will spend~$1,000.


Blows my mind since he only makes around $16 an hour. Has no problem blowing his whole paycheck there. Kinda depressing really.


24. Not Much Of A Giver


I went to lunch with my friend & her friend. She ordered a large pasta dish & ate about a third of it. She decided to take the rest home. When we left we all decided to go to movies. We get to the theater & she remembers she has her leftovers.


She doesn’t want to leave in car bc it’s 100+ degrees & would smell up her car. So she grabs the container, we walk towards the front of the theater and she tosses it in a trash can.. which was directly next to a homeless man. The man saw it happen, so I am sure he went in and got it asap but he didn’t have to do that.

She could have given it to him. It was such a large portion. Neither me or my friend said anything bc the girl knew what she did bc she said, “He didn’t need alfredo.” And did this weird snicker. I was embarrassed AF but she was my ride.

25. Don’t Worry, It’s Just A Bentley


At the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia. One of the Rockefellers pulls up and parks right in front of the entrance to the building. Cop standing right there says, “You can’t park there. That’s a loading zone.”


And the guy says, “Tow it. It’s just a Bentley.” It was a Bentley Continental GT. F that guy…

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