5 Smart Personal Finance Blogs You Should Follow


Considering the fact that this is a personal finance blog, it would seem a bit counterproductive to our business model to recommend our users read other personal finance blogs. When I first proposed the idea to my editor, he was just as confused as you are right now.

As backwards as it seems, this article is the genesis of why The Brainy Penny was started in the first place. To help you (the reader) become financially educated. So whether you do so by reading our blog, or any/all of the blogs mentioned below, our mission is accomplished!

With that in mind, here are 5 smart personal finance blogs you should be following.



1. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is one of the largest personal finance websites in America, receiving millions of visitors each month looking to make and save extra money.”

As their tagline suggests, The Penny Hoarder is the real deal! And with 6.7 million Facebook fans, it looks like I’m not the only one who shares that sentiment. Aside from dishing out incredibly helpful financial advice, TPH reveals all the different ways people can make extra money from home. Which makes sense, considering their tagline is “More Money In People’s Pockets.”


2. I Will Teach You to be Rich

I know what you’re thinking; “that sounds like a pretty salesy website.” While I’m not in love with the name of the site, the content itself is great. Started by Ramit Sethi, the site provides insightful lessons on how to build a business that will allow you to become rich. Pretty straightforward right?

Sethi also provides valuable content for entrepreneurs who are looking to avoid burnout and maximize productivity.


3. Financial Mentor

Run by ex-hedge fund manager Todd Tresidder, the Financial Mentor covers content that is a bit more complicated than some of the other finance blogs you’ll come across. However, I’ve found that Todd is able to do break down complex topics in a way that is easy to digest. This site is a must for anyone looking to learn a thing or two about investing and wealth building.


4. Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is a well known podcast, but the blog is sneaky good as well. If you don’t have time to listen to the podcast you can check out the site for show notes. The notes effectively serve as a “cliff-notes” version of the podcast episode.


5. Making Sense of Cents

And last but not least, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and Making Sense of Cents (pretty cool name, right?). Michelle has one heck of a story. After years in the corporate world, Michelle left her job as a financial analyst and now lives in an RV with her husband (and dogs).

By all accounts, it seems like she made the right decision. Through her website and affiliate marketing course, Michelle generates more than $100,000 per month teaching people how to make money online.

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

I've spent the past 5+ years as a freelance writer covering personal finance and tech. Originally from Texas, but happily living in New York City. Making money is the easy part, keeping it is very difficult!

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