Brand New Helmet Designs For All 32 NFL Teams


If you’re one of many NFL fans who are bored with the same old helmet that your favorite team wears every week, then we’ve got something cool for you. These awesome concept designs for all 32 NFL teams take the boring old helmet designs and brings them into the 21st century.

But keep in mind, these are just concepts, so there’s no guarantee you’ll ever see these helmets actually hit the field. For comparisons sake, we created side by side images of the current helmets vs the concept helmets. To see all 32 teams, make sure to check out the entire article.

Without further delay, here are the awesome new concept designs for all 32 NFL teams. Let us know what you think!



Instead of having the shimmering gold helmet with the “SF” initials, this helmet pays direct homage to the original “49ers” who flocked to the San Francisco area in the famous gold rush of the 19th century.


Take the classic Chicago Bears helmet, and apply a little bit of ferocity to it. You’ve still got the iconic orange “C” on the site, but with three bear claws ripping through the side, bringing out a bit more ferocity to the otherwise monochrome helmet.


Most people forget that the “Bengals” are named after the Bengal tiger. So, instead of having a few tiger stripes across the helmet, why not put the full-blown image of a tiger on the helmet, giving it a bit more personality, and helping clarify what a Bengal actually is?


Instead of completely redesigning the Buffalo Bills helmet, this is just a modern interpretation of the classic throwback red helmet that the Bills wore back in their heyday of the 1990’s. Of course, their “heyday” comprised of going to four straight Super Bowls, and losing them.


The Broncos redesign of their helmet in the late 1990’s applied a cool sense of modernism to their otherwise cartoonish helmet. But when you first land in Denver, you simply can’t miss the view of the Rockies when you land. So why not include that on the helmet as well?


This is a redesign that those crazy fans in the “Dawg pound” would truly love. This helmet keeps the classic two-tone brown and orange helmet, but with different shades of those two colors, and a silhouette of the Browns dog on it as well.


This is a redesigning of the new pewter and black helmet that Tampa Bay switched over to in the 1990’s, after years of the orange “creamsicle” look. This new look takes it even one step further, adding a greater flare of red to the black tones of the previous helmet.


Taking a page out of the playbook of the University of Louisville football team, this new Arizona Cardinals football helmet reverses the traditional color scheme, moving to an all-red helmet with a white silhouette of a Cardinal.

All they needed was Lamar Jackson to be playing in Arizona, which sadly didn’t come about.


Many people feel the powder blue look of the then-San Diego Chargers in the 1970’s and 1980’s was their best look. So, this helmet finds a happy medium of both, combining the modern energy charge with that classic powder blue look that everyone loved.


The Kansas City Chiefs have had the same helmet since the NFL-AFL merger back in the 1960’s, so why not spice things up a bit?

While those who feel the Chiefs’ name might be a bit offensive to Native Americans might find this helmet offensive, it definitely adds a a bit more depth to the old arrowhead with the “KC” initials on it.


With this helmet, the main overtone is simply “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It would make sense that you’d keep the symbol of a horseshoe for a team that’s named after a race horse.

Instead, this helmet just applies a little bit of color and modernization to the white and blue helmet we’ve been accustomed to seeing.


The Dallas Cowboys helmet, with the blue and white star on the side of it, is perhaps the most recognizable helmet in the NFL. So thankfully, the reimagining of this helmet didn’t do anything to take away from that.

Instead, it actually made it a bit more prominent, while mixing in a bit more blue into the overall design of the helmet as well.


At first glance, the helmet looks relatively unchanged. Upon closer look, there are actually some pretty significant differences. The new helmet has an attractive shine. The Dolphin logo has been completely redesigned — darker in color and more cartoon looking.

The Dolphin actually looks angry — which could be explained by the fact that the Patriots have won 15 of the past 17 AFC East crowns.


The reigning Super Bowl champs get their helmets changed from the familiar metallic hue of their famous Kelly green color, instead going with an all-white look.

And then, instead of the usual eagle wing on the side of the helmet, you get the angry-looking Eagle that you usually find at midfield at Lincoln Financial Field.


The Atlanta Falcons transitioned from the red helmets with the black bird on it, to the all black helmets in the early 1990’s, right around the time Deion Sanders joined the team and MC Hammer would roam the sidelines.

Neither of those two are going to happen anytime soon, but what if we gave them another creative redesign, going to all white with a primarily red bird with black accents?


This is a timely redesign of the Jaguars helmet, considering Jacksonville unveiled all new, all-teal uniforms that they’d be using for the 2018 season. This helmet allows for a sleek, single-color look (that’s not nearly as bad as the color rush uniforms).

But more importantly, it allows the team to get away from the black and gold eyesore that is their current helmet.


Back in the mid-1990’s, when the NFL thought it would be cool to change many of the helmets to a retro look, the Jets went back to the helmet worn by Joe Namath in their lone Super Bowl win.

This new helmet has a retro look as well, but more so to the “new” logo scheme that the jets went to in the 1980’s. In addition, there’d be an artful blend of white and green mixed together. How about putting it on Sam Darnold to sell more tickets?


We’re genuinely wondering why the Detroit Lions don’t go ahead and adopt this new design for their helmets moving forward, because this is probably one of the coolest new designs on this list.

It would perfectly for a team that’s trying to distance itself from its mostly mediocre past, especially with all the “new blood” coming in from the New England Patriots organization, like head coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn.


When the United States was recuperating in the aftermath of the tragedies of September 11th, all the teams of New York City were seen as the beacons for hope in the sports world.

This new helmet for the Giants takes it one step further. While it moves away from the traditional all-blue look of the Giants, it still incorporates it in the “NY” logo, while draping the rest of the helmet in the good old red, white, and blue.


Thankfully with this helmet, whoever designed this stuck with the (good) idea of not ruining a good thing. No matter how many other teams or schools also use it, that “G” on the side of the helmet will always be associated with the Green Bay Packers.

In this case, the helmet moves away from the more “cheesehead” looking helmet, giving it a sleek white look, while keeping the traditional color and logo scheme.


With the Carolina Panthers franchise set to celebrate its 25th anniversary in a few years, perhaps that would be a good time to capitalize on some new marketing ideas, starting with this new look on the helmet.

It keeps the traditional silver base, and even the black panther logo, but adds a whole lot more pizzazz to the latter, while introducing a shiny blue face mask on the helmet as well.


The essence of a “Patriot” is someone who is truly all about the red, white, and blue of the United States of America. So instead of plastering those colors on a silver background, why not apply that look on an all white background, so that the colors of the “Patriot” — or, in this case, the New England Patriots — truly “pop” more. This design makes those colors stand out, while keeping the logo of the Patriot themselves on the helmet.


If you mess with anything to do with the silver and black, you’ll have hell to pay from the faithful fans of the Oakland Raiders. But maybe with the team’s impending move to Las Vegas, it could be time for something of an upgrade?

In this case, you could keep the classic black motif, and, and make the silver skull and crossbones look a bit more pronounced. You’d have the same team, but with a new look for its new digs.


The old school white and blue helmets that the Los Angeles Rams wore this past season had a nice look to it, as it paid homage to the team’s first stint in Los Angeles (and its color scheme back in the 1970’s and 1980’s).

In this case, why not pay homage to the team’s color scheme from its final years in St. Louis, when they appeared in two Super Bowls (and won one of them)?


You might get some pushback from the fans in Baltimore, if you try and remove the black from the Baltimore Ravens helmet, especially considering the raven bird itself is black. But this new look steals the hidden “B” from the Ravens bird logo on the helmet, making the team’s new look more prominently associated with its hometown.


Along with the name/mascot itself, the Native American symbol on the helmet of the Washington Redskins has always been the source of controversy. One solution to that might be to revert the team’s helmet back to its look when they were still the Boston Braves (early in the 20th century), while giving it a more modern color scheme and design, such as this one.


While it’s never easy to move away from a classic look, we think fans of the New Orleans Saints would love this new color scheme. The all black helmet looks sleek, especially with the gold fleur-de-lis on it, as well as a subtle homage to the American flag within the fleur-de-lis itself.


When the Seattle Seahawks would wear their all-green color rush uniforms, many fans complained that the team’s colors made them look like roadside maintenance workers. This helmet would not do those fans any favor, as it takes that cacophonous green look and amplifies it by putting it on top of the players heads.


There’s a reason why they say “change isn’t always a good thing.” We applaud the idea of trying to make the helmet of the Pittsburgh Steelers more modern, but this look didn’t really do anything to improve it. The two-colors of the helmet, combined with the all black logo, simply leaves a lot more to be desired. This is perhaps our least favorite look.


This might not jive with the main navy blue color palette of the Houston Texans, but we think fans in Texas would absolutely love this design.

After all, few fan bases would identify themselves as being more “American,” so anything you do to make their teams look more American and patriotic would go a long way. This Texans logo in this color scheme does exactly that.


Talk about MUCH better. There’s nothing on the current Tennessee Titans helmet that would reveal that the team’s mascot is a “Titan,” or the divine beings (and warriors) from ancient Greek mythology. The new warrior on the helmet looks just like an old school Greek soldier, so it’s definitely closer to matching the team’s name. Plus, it just looks so much cooler.


The Viking horn on the side of all the all-purple helmet is another iconic look in the NFL. But as an alternate look, this gray helmet with the full Vikings symbol on the side is definitely a nice change of pace.

In all honestly, it might have looked better on an all-white palette. But other than that, it definitely brings out a bit more personality.

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