10 Discounts, Deals, And Reductions You Don’t Want To Miss 


Ways to make or save a buck that you might not have thought of before. 

They’re out there:  things can do to put a little more green in your wallet and stop you from seeing red at the high cost of necessities or luxury items. Read on to get the lowdown. 

1. Deals On Donations 

Get rid of your undesirables for free:  The Salvation Army offers free donation-pickup service for clothing, household items, furniture, books — even cars. And Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores offers free takeaway service for building materials such as lumber and bricks as well as furniture. 

2. Angie’s List 

Here’s a window of opportunity:  You can pick a reliable home service provider from Angie’s List totally free. Find top-rated proright at your fingertips without any money slipping through your hands. 

3. Lease A Used, Not New, Car 

Many dealerships offer used cards for lease that are less than four years old and have fewer than 48,000 miles — some with even fewer than 5,000 miles. By going with a used car as opposed to a new model you could save anywhere from $40 to $125 on monthly payments. 

4. Back-To-School Tax Cut 

Save-the-date for sale tax holidays:  Some 15 states give back-to-school shoppers a break from taxes on two or three days in July or August. Whether you’re looking for savings on a backpack, new clothes, or a computer, these designated saving days make the grade. 

5. Fitness Trackers 

Independence Day might just be the time to free yourself from high-priced fitness trackers. Amazon often offers good deals on Fitbit on certain holidays and Amazon Prime Day. 

6. Airline Deal E-Newsletters 

Expect to fare well when planning your next vacation:  Peruse Scott’s Cheap Flights newsletter for incredible international deals (free to subscribers) with easy-to-follow instructions on how to book. The newsletter screens deals by quality of airline and availability, price, and itinerary; however, only premium subscribers ($49 per year) get the inside info on peak season bargains and Alaska and Hawaii airfares. 

7. Smartphones 

Call it a great deal:  Switch wireless carriers and trade in your old phone for a new one and you could get up to $400 off if you trade in a current-model phone or about $100 to $300 for an older device.  

8. TVs 

Channel your excitement into purchasing a 4KTV. Surprisingly affordable, the  

TCL’s Roku 4K TV allows you to stream Netflix, Hulu, and other music and video services directly from the TV — and with great picture quality.  

9. Hire A Haggler 

Let a negotiating service handle the tough talk:  Trim and Billshark, two negotiation services, will take on your internet, cable, or phone provider but it comes at a price: Expect to give up a hefty cut of the savings, although it might be worth it if you’re able to save a significant amount in bills over time. 

10. Apple Devices 

To take a bite out of the price of Apple Devices just look around:  You can almost always find a sale price on any model, whether you think it’s finally time to get an Apple Watch or if saving on previous-generation AirPods sounds good to you. 


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