10 Smart And Economical Ways To Reuse Empty Glass Bottles


What Do You Do With Empty Glass Bottles?  

Is the glass half empty or half full? That’s an age-old question, but another important question to consider is what to do with glass bottles when they’re completely empty.

Recycling old bottles or returning them for a deposit are good options, but there are also many creative ways to put empty glass bottles to use. Here are some ideas for looking clearly at bottles in a whole new light.

1. Candy Jar

Sweet! You can fill a clean, dry bottle with candy as an alternative to a treat bowl on your work desk or in your home. You can also use mini bottles as candy-filled favors for special occasions or holiday parties.

2. Table Card Holder

As part of farmhouse or rustic-style decor at a wedding or special event, use a wine bottle with a cork in the top to hold a table number. Just slice the cork halfway down from the top and insert the card in the resulting slot.

3. Simple Vase

Place a simple flower bouquet or a single stem in an unadorned vase, or dress a vessel up by painting the exterior surface or spraying it with adhesive and then wrapping it with a seasonal or dramatic ribbon.

4. Rolling Pin

Been a while since you baked some cookies and can’t find your rolling pin? Use an empty bottle as a makeshift kitchen tool.

5. Gift Vessel

Repurpose a pretty, very clean bottle as a container for a homemade gift such as infused oils, homemade infused vodka, bubble bath, lotion, and the like. You can attach a fancy drawer pull to a cork stopper to make the bottle easy to open.

6. Yard Torch

How illuminating! You can use an empty bottle to make a stylish torch that bathes your yard in soft light for evening get-togethers with family or friends. Fill the bottle with marbles and fuel, place a tiki wick through a metal coupler, and enlighten everyone with our creativity.

7. Boot Holder

We’ve all had them at one time another: tall leather or vinyl boots that flop over when placed on the closet floor, leaving unsightly creases in the boot material. Fill a couple of empty bottles with pebbles or marbles and place them inside the boots to keep them in an upright position.

8. Garden Edger

No need to purchase unsightly plastic borders from your local garden shop or hardware store –just bury empty glass bottles upside down to demarcate your garden or flower beds.

9. Party Lights

For an elegant party decoration, drill a hole in the bottom or side of a bottle and push in a string of festive lights suited to the occasion or holiday. (You could just push the lights in through the top of the bottle but the end result won’t be quite as elegant.)

10. Bottle Tree

Trees festooned with colored bottles can be a beautiful landscaping feature, especially during brilliant, bare-sky winter months. Popular in the American South, bottle trees originated from folk beliefs about trapping bad spirits in the glass. Blue is one of the most popular bottle tree colors, which means you can put your Skyy vodka and Blue Nun wine bottles to good use.


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