15 Things You Can’t Return to Amazon


Before You Checkout On Amazon, Check This List Of 15 Things You Can’t Return

You’ve already got it in your sights this holiday season: Amazon. You’ve pulled on your comfy pants, got your gift list pared down and printed, and you’re ready to browse uninterrupted until every last present is placed in your online shopping cart.

Be aware, however, that some items can’t be returned to Amazon, despite the company’s standard return policy that allows customers to return most items sold and fulfilled by Amazon within 30 days of receipt — and for a full refund. The following items can’t be returned to Amazon anywhere, any way, at any time. So read on before you click on
“Place Order,” and you’ll know which items can’t be sent back, no matter how much money they set you back.

1. Gift Cards

2. Wine (but may be refundable or replaceable)

3. Customized/Handmade Products (unless there is damage, defect, or error, such as misspellings)

4. Digital Music downloaded from the Amazon Digital Music Store

5. Prepaid Game Cards (for World of Warcraft, Xbox 360 Live, Wii Points, etc.)

6. Prepaid Phone Cards

7. Hazardous Materials (including flammable liquids or gases)

8. Groceries (including AmazonFresh and Prime Pantry items, though refunds or replacements are possible in cases of spills or spoilage)

9. Pet Food (but may be refundable)

10. Live Insects (Amazon sells everything from ladybugs to Madagascar hissing cockroaches)

11. Fresh Flowers (buy may be refundable)

12. Software and Game Downloads, as well as other digital purchases from the Amazon Appstore

13. Theme Park Tickets

14. Live Plants (but may be refundable)

15. Videos downloaded from the Amazon Video Store


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