4 Vacation Destinations Where Eating Healthy Is Surprisingly Cheap


Eating Healthy — And Cheaply– Is Easy In These 4 Vacation Destinations

You’re planning your next vacation and hoping it’s packed with excitement; what you don’t want is to pack on the pounds while enjoying yourself. Wherever you’re headed, too much dining (and drinking) out, too much sampling of the local cuisine, and too many instances of indulging in sweet treats can result in your bathroom scale heading in the wrong direction, regardless of where your travels are headed.

The following locations offer cuisine that’s both healthy and affordable, making dining out and about totally guilt-free.

1. Mexico

Put aside thoughts of deep-fried, fatty, and unhealthy fare like loaded tortilla chips and enchiladas smothered with cheese. Traditional Mexican food is nutritionally dense, varied, colorful, and focused on fresh seasonal produce. Staples of the Mexican diet include avocado, chiles, rice, and corn. Tacos here are made not from refined flour but corn, making them a more nutritious option. Small amounts of meat and vegetables round out many dishes, which could mean your waistline won’t get rounder during the course of your trip.

2. Indonesia

Indonesian cuisine is known for being chock-full of proteins, vegetables, and superfoods. Chicken and rice are favorites, along with delectable regional soups and crisp, fresh salads. The towns of Canggu and Ubud in Bali are havens of healthy food restaurants where you can find everything from poke bowls and quinoa salads to sushi and barbecue fish. The cost is equally appealing: On average, you can get a meal for under $6.

3. Vietnam

Healthy cooking techniques and flavorful ingredients make Vietnamese cuisine a standout. Frying food is relatively uncommon here; most dishes are cooked using water to either steam or boil ingredients. Many dishes boast a mix of fresh vegetables such as bamboo shoots, cabbage, Chinese broccoli, and spinach. Favorite herbs and spices include mint, cilantro, star anise, and fresh lime.

4. Thailand

Thai food is definitely worth a try. Suffused with aromatic herbs, hot Chile peppers, and superb blends of ingredients that balance sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors, this food blends new tastes with nutritious. Eggplants, leafy greens, green beans, and rice and noodles are food staples of the Thai diet. Dishes also offer healthy proteins like chicken, fish, and pork. At midrange restaurants, you can expect to enjoy a meal and a drink for around $5 to $10.


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