5 Affordable Options For Skin Cancer Screening  


Don’t Get Burned:  5 Affordable Options For Skin Cancer Screening  

Summer’s coming and that means plenty of fun in the sun: pool parties, cookouts, biking, and lounging at the beach while looking to catch some rays so you can hold onto that kissed-by-the-sun tan. 

So, by all means, grab the moment as well as your summertime shades but you might want to open your eyes to some surprising facts about skin cancer before you stretch out under the sun’s brilliant beams.  

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States; about 9,500 people are diagnosed with skin cancer daily. Considered mainly a “lifestyle disease” according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, skin cancers include melanoma, the most serious form of the disease.

Because skin cancers are easier to treat to when detected early, regular screenings can make a significant the difference in terms of prognosis. Here are some ways you can find affordable skin care screenings in your area. 

1 • The American Academy of Dermatology’s skin cancer prevention program, SPOTme, offers an online database of U.S. locations where skin cancer screenings are offered free of charge. 

2 • Skin Cancer Free, a nonprofit organization, provides assistance to people who can’t afford the full cost of a skin cancer screening.

3 • While Medicare doesn’t cover screenings for people who aren’t showing skin cancer symptoms, it will cover a screening when a patient or physician is concerned about changes to an existing mole or notices a new skin growth.

4 • During May, which is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, many dermatologists, hospital systems,and physician groups nationwide offer free skin cancer screenings. You can find out where and when by contacting your local hospital.  

5 • The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery offers an online database of skin cancer screenings in your area, which may include no-cost screenings.  


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