Back-To-School Shopping: 5 Smart Ways to Save Money On Your Kids’ Clothing


Here’s A Lesson In Back-To-School Savings On Kids’ Clothes

The end of summer is breathing down your neck and that can mean only one thing: back to school is fast approaching. Look around and you’ll see that tanks and T-shirts are in short supply in stores, replaced with backpacks and pants and pretty fall dresses. It’s time to get the kids’ wardrobes ready for the upcoming school year but you don’t need to spend a lot to make sure they look great while they’re spending time in the classroom.

1. Do A Thorough Inventory

Before you shop online or drive to the local shopping mall, take an inventory of your children’s clothes; you may be surprised at what they have that’s still in good condition and still fits. Check on the most popular items they wear, both at school and when they’re home. By taking into account what’s already in their closets, you’ll be less likely to waste money on buying duplicate clothing items.

2. Shop Consignment And Thrift Stores

Sure, these stores can be hit or miss but if you hit it just right the savings could be substantial. You might find clothing items that are like brand new and in style, and that sell for well below department store prices.

3. Check Online Rummage Sales

You never know what you might find when searching an online rummage sale; it’s like consignment shopping without leaving the comfort of your couch. And try this on for size: If you have clothing items that your kids have outgrown, go ahead and post them online and see if you can sell them, then put the money you make towards the purchase of new clothes.

4. Shops Sales Strategically

Make the most of every dollar by shopping for clothing items on sale, and be sure to maximize the savings by using store coupons, in-store apps that offer additional savings, and promo codes. If you prefer shopping online, consider installing a browser extension that helps you find the best price on an item, add in any available coupon codes, and earn cashback.

5. Set a Budget

Do the math before you head out to do back-to-school shopping. Determine just how much you can — or want — to spend on clothing and keep a specific dollar amount in mind before you hit the mall (or start clicking away online). When you plan ahead, you can prevent credit card remorse and give yourself an A+ when it comes to financial discipline.


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