5 Best Online Flea Markets (For Antiques, Vintage Treasures & Etc.)


Five Online Flea Markets That Are Right On The Money

Admit it: You love a good flea market. It’s the thrill of the hunt. It reinforces your unbreakable belief that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And it ignites your passion for scoring a treasure for just a few dollars or for a handful of spare change snatched from the cubbyhole in your car.

But these days, you don’t need to ride around the block searching for YARD SALE signs scrawled in marker and tacked on trees. Online flea market shopping can be just as fun and yield far more finds, in less time, than roaming the roadways. You probably already know about online market giants like eBay and Etsy, but maybe you haven’t checked out these lesser-known online flea markets. Who knows what you’ve been missing? Read on, then feel free to flea.

1. vFlea

Each thumbnail listing specifies whether items are shippable or available only for local pickup, and also includes an asking price. Because items are organized by tags and categories, searchability is a cinch. In addition, the platform as built-in “buy now,” “haggle,” and “barter” options. You’re bound to find some weirdly wonderful items here.

2. Srchie

Don’t have the time to search online flea markets? Let Srchie do the bargain hunting for you on sites such as eBay, Goodwill, Amazon, and more. You can search by categories such as Furniture, Books, and Vintage and the site will display externally linked images to the sellers’ sites. You can browse the marketplace without overburdening your browser.

3. Fleabay

You might feel the urge to go straight to the “free stuff” section. Or perhaps you’ll be drawn to the list of prohibited items like credit cards, wine, and “human parts and remains” (hands down, one of the stranger listings). Fleabay listings include an item description, location, seller information, and expiration date. If you’re interested in an item, you’ll need to fill out an online contact form.

4. Bonanza

It’s a browser’s paradise, a there’s-nothing-you-can’t find nirvana. Skip right to the category you’re interested in (coins or paper money, home goods or collectibles, and so much more) or check out what’s available in a category called “Everything Else,” which includes a subsection of “Weird Stuff.”

5. Poshmark

Think of it as an upscale flea market of sorts. The Poshmark site offers everything from fashion to home accessories, as well as themed parties for buying and selling stuff. Like most online consignment shops, Poshmark requires you to log in to browse the goods. An added bonus: Low shipping costs hit the mark.


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