5 Best Outdoor Solar-Powered Motion Security Lights


You Can Feel Secure About Buying These: The 5 Best Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Lights

It’s enlightening: Solar-powered outdoor security lights use the power of the sun to provide lighting and security around your home and yard. What does that mean for you? Lower energy costs while using a source of lighting that’s also better for the environment.

Charged by the sun, outdoor solar lights are ideal for illuminating areas around patios, walkways, carports, sheds, steps, driveways, and porches. Another bonus: You can finally pack away those unsightly power cords (that is, until your jumble of outdoor holiday decorations make their once-a-year appearance).

Here are five of the best solar-powered outdoor security lights.

1. Litom Super Bright Solar Lights

The unique design of this island light offers a wider 120-degree sensor angle as well as longer sensing distance. This durable, weatherproof light has 54 super bright LEDs and a built-in PIR motion sensor; the larger solar panel has faster battery charging and more power energy storage.

2. Sunforce LED Solar Motion Light

This light automatically turns on when it detects motion, and the amorphous solar panel generates electricity in all daylight conditions, even cloudy days. This weatherproof light comes with 60 super-bright white LED lights as well as three adjustable settings: time, sensitivity, and light level.

3. URPOWER LED Outdoor Soar Motion Sensor Lights

A durable, wireless, patio ceiling light, the URPOWER LED lights feature large solar panels, 20 LEDs, a large capacity battery, and a diamond lampshade. Crafted of stainless steel that’s rustproof, waterproof, and high temperature resistant, the lights detect motion and stay on for 20 seconds after the motion stops.

4. MAXSA Innovations Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight

Owing to its four super-bright LEDs, the MAXSA spotlight is one of the brightest solar-powered, motion-activated outdoor security lights on the market. Able to withstand any type of weather, the light automatically turns on when motion is detected. Three dials allow for adjusting time, motion sensor range, and amount of darkness needed for activation.

5. Mpow Solar Lights

Mpow Solar Lights turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn. Other features that make this light one of the best on the market: it’s fast charging, has eight ultrabright LED lights, long sensor length, and it provides seven hours of illumination. Choose from three intelligent adjustable modes, including strong light, dim light, and strong light sensor.


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