5 Careers You Should Avoid Pursuing


It pays to know which jobs are up-and-coming — and also which are going. 

U.S. unemployment is near a 50-year low. Employers are looking to fill plentiful job openings. And wages are on the upswing after remaining stagnant for several years.

But employ caution when looking to change jobs or careers:  Some occupations are littered with jobs that offer minimal pay at present and are expected to cut back on positions in the future. When it comes to choosing the job that’s right for you, knowing the employment landscape can work wonders. 

Taking into account an analysis of 773 occupations, their pay rates, educational requirements, and growth potential over the next decade, here are five of the worst jobs for the future: 

• Embalmer


Projected Job Growth 2017-2027:  0.4% 

Median Annual Salary:  $42,786 

Typical Education:  Associate’s Degree 

Not even the certainty of death can breathe life into this profession:  During the past 10 years the number of U.S. embalmers decreased by 53.1%. One of the main factors in the decline of this profession:  the rise in popularity of cremation, which has gained momentum as a more affordable, ecological, and less labor-intensive option.  

Telephone Operator


Projected Job Growth 2017-2027:  10.7% 

Median Annual Salary:  $36,317 

Typical Education: High school diploma 

This line of work might not be your calling:  Owing to today’s advances in electronic communication and accessing information, there are 71.2% fewer telephone operator jobs than a decade ago. But don’t get hung up on just one job classification:  You can apply the same skills as a fire, police, or ambulance dispatcher. 



Projected Job Growth 2017-2027:  -6.4%  

Median Annual Salary:  $22,048 

Typical Education:  No formal education needed 

Let’s frame it realistically:  Jobs for movie projectionists are in steep decline. Blame the fall off in box-office sales, high movie ticket prices, fewer quality movies, and quicker turnaround between theater runs to in-home movie availability.  

Logging Worker


Projected Job Growth 2017-2027:  -17.0% 

Median Annual Salary:  $36,573 

Typical Education:  High school diploma 

Deep cuts have whacked the logging worker occupation – and it can’t all be blamed on increased attention to ecological initiatives. Like many other production jobs, many of the tasks that were the mainstay of logging are now being done by machine. But workers are still needed to replace those with retirement in their sights, as this physically demanding job doesn’t usually branch out into a lengthy career. 

Watch Repairer


Projected Job Growth 2017-2027:  -27.0% 

Median Annual Salary:  $25,203 

Typical Education:  High school diploma 

We wouldn‘t say that this profession is ready to disappear any second but it’s definitely slowing down. Today, consumers look to more high-tech devices such as smart watches and mobile phones to keep them on time. And luxury watches, selling at an average of $746 a timepiece, don’t have enough mass market appeal to keep watch repairers’ hands busy. 


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