5 Clever (And Inexpensive) Tricks For Keeping Your Cool Without Air Conditioning


No Air Conditioning? These 5 Tips Will Help You Keep Things As Chill As Possible.

It could be that the only thing cool about your apartment or house this summer is the decor. Central air conditioning? You wish. And there are not even one of those rattling, rusty window air conditioners in sight. But that doesn’t mean you have to swelter when the temperatures hover somewhere between hot and hellish — these clever suggestions can help you deal with the heat without breaking a sweat.

1. Wear A Cooling Vest

Talk about wearing the latest cool style: Pick up a cooling sports vest for as little as $27. They’re outfitted with gel or designed to be soaked with water before you wear them. If a vest isn’t your style, not to worry: You can try cooling bandanas, sleeves, or caps.

2. Freeze Your Bed Sheets

After a long day, bedtime is when you look forward to chillin’, literally. Tuck your sheets into a plastic bag and place them in the refrigerator or freezer for a couple of hours before you go to bed. Your bed will feel refreshingly chilled — just what you need on a hot night when the nighttime low temperature doesn’t drop much below the daytime high.

3. Eat Spicy Food

There’s a reason why some of the spiciest foods come from the hottest places on Earth: Spicy foods (curries, chillies) can stimulate your mouth’s heat receptors, raise your internal temperature, improve circulation, and cause you to start sweating. And as we all know, sweating is the body’s way of cooling you down.

4. Drink Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum is thought to be a natural coolant that also clears the head and doesn’t contain any dehydrating elements. Brew a batch and keep it on hand to sip throughout the day or before you go to bed.

5. Take An Icy Foot Bath

Give a heatwave the cold shoulder with a foot bath that’s both cooling and relaxing. Cooling the many pulse points on your feet can help bring down your body temperature. To make a foot bath, fill a bowl, pan, or shallow bucket with cold water and submerge your feet to about the ankle. Start with cool tap water and add some ice if you feel the need but don’t overdue: Making the water too cold too fast could be painful for your feet.


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