5 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money With Your Car


Drive-Up Your Income By Using Your Car For These Side Gigs 

If cruising in your car is one of your favorite pastimes, you might not want to pass up the opportunity to earn some extra cash while doing so. Check out these great ways to turn a motor vehicle into a money maker.

1. For Those With An Appetite For Quick Cash: Deliver Food

So your car might smell like a kitchen for a bit — at least you’ll be making some green while delivering edibles. Uber Eats offers flexible food delivery options in terms of locations and scheduling; deliveries can be made using a car, bike, scooter, or on foot. You’ll get paid pick-up and drop-off fees as well as travel. Delivery partners can cash out up to five times a day for instant pay.

2. Lift Yourself Out Of A Cash Crunch: Drive With Lyft Or Uber

Flexibility makes driving for a ridesharing company especially attractive. You can work days, nights, or weekends, and because it’s simple to switch between apps you can sign up as a driver with both Lyft and Uber. Requirements include being 21 years of age with a year of driving experience, having a car made in 2007 or later, and passing a background check.

3. Not As Fun As James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke, But…: Carpool To Work

Believe it or not, these four cities will pay you to carpool to work:  Washington, D.C.; Birmingham, Alabama; San Mateo County, California; and Boulder, Colorado (for drivers carpooling between Boulder and Denver). It’s a win-win:  You get paid while the cities experience less traffic and congestion.

4. Flexible Schedule Won’t Throw A Wrench In Your Day: Become A Mobile Mechanic

If you’d like to work as an auto mechanic you don’t have to be tied down at an auto body shop. YourMechanic, a “mobile mechanic company,” dispatches a specialist to a customer’s home or office when their car needs service. You don’t need to worry about scheduling appointments, ordering parts, invoicing, marketing: You just show up when and where the customer needs you. Set your own hours using the YourMechanic app.

5, Ahhh… The New Car Smell: Get Paid To Test Drive Cars

Working with companies like BestMark allows you to test out cars and pose as a potential buyer. One caveat: You’ll need to listen to the sales pitch, which might put the brakes on some of your excitement. Still, getting paid to drive a new car? Pretty cool.


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