5 Everyday Items That Are Actually A Huge Waste of Money


5 Everyday Items You’re Spending Too Much Money On — Every Day

It becomes a habit. Something we do or buy without even thinking about cost — or necessity, for that matter. Basic, everyday items that you purchase regularly can end up taking a chunk out of your budget and eat up money that you could use to feed your hobby, leisurely pursuits, or future financial plans.

If you free yourself from some (or all) of these money wasters, you just might free up some extra cash you didn’t realize was waiting to be had.

1. Apply Yourself And Check On Paid Apps

Free, unfortunately, isn’t free from time constraints: You signed up for an app or subscription service that came with a free trial and before you know it, the ‘free’ period has come to an end you’re on the hook for a monthly fee. Look through your paid apps and cancel any subscriptions you forgot to ditch or that you might not even be aware you have.

2. Skip The Bottled Water And Whet Your Appetite For Savings

Plastic water bottles take up room in your budget and in the local landfill, too. Instead of grabbing a case of individual bottles, invest in a really good reusable water bottle you can fill up over and over. Good for your budget. Good for the earth.

3. Do You Really Want To Absorb The Cost Of Paper Towels?

When you think about it, paper towels aren’t a necessity. Yes, they’re easy to use, convenient, always close at hand. But a hand towel can accomplish the same tasks as that ginormous roll of super-absorbent and not-so-cheap Bounty. And towels are reusable, which means you won’t be filling your trash bin or the landfill with paper waste. When you start leaving paper towels off your list of gotta-have items, you just might be surprised at how much you save.

4. Streaming Services: Watch Money Going Out The Window

Back in the day, everyone said streaming services were less expensive than cable. But that was then, this is now, and streaming deals aren’t what they used to be. Take a close look at the streaming services you’ve signed up for and which ones you actually like — and use. Cut out the ones that you haven’t been using and you could get used to having some extra cash in your wallet.

5. Bank Fees: On Balance, You Can Avoid Them

Oh, what a tangled web bank fees weave. Some are obvious, like overdrafting fees, but others can be less so, such as minimum balance fees and monthly maintenance fees. Check to see what your bank’s policy is in terms of monthly fees, and consider moving your accounts if you find that you’re paying too much for transactions and other banking services.


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