5 Frugal Ways To Protect Your Home While You’re Away This Holiday Season


Protect Your Home During The Holidays With These Five Tips

Sure, the thought of Santa shimmying down the chimney is totally enchanting, but the thought of someone jimmying open a door or window to your house is absolutely unnerving. So here you are, about to head off for the holidays by making your annual trek to Aunt Mimi’s house and you can’t stop worrying about the safety of your home while you’re away. In this season of peace and joy, find peace of mind with these tips that can help protect your home until you return from your holiday excursion.

1. Leave The Lights On

According to Alyse Ainsworth, a safety and security expert at ASecureLife.com, leaving a light or the TV on in your home creates the illusion that someone is home. “If your home looks like there are people in it, you’ll be less likely to be robbed,” she says. You can also install motion light sensors, a timer for exterior and interior lights, and timers that can be controlled with a mobile app.

2. Stop Announcing Your Travel Plans On Social Media

When it comes to your vacay you might want to stay away from social media. By announcing your plans on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you could be providing someone with all the details they need to plan a burglary.

3. Lock Every Entrance

Here’s one key to keeping your home and the belongings in it safe: Keep all points of entry locked and secure. Be sure to check the garage door and all of the windows; burglars will exhaust all entry options before they give up on getting inside.

4. Don’t Leave A Paper Trail

Thieves might be looking for more than just your TV — they could be eyeing your ID.

Lynn Edmonson, a regional manager of a property management firm in Florida, suggests using a paper shredder for any documents that contain sensitive, personal information. “Placing unshredded items in the trash not only increases your odds of identity theft, but it is also a method for burglars to find out whether or not a home is worth the effort of being burglarized.”

5. Get a “Beware Of Dog” Sign

Don’t be the person in the neighborhood who gets robbed and is left saying, “Doggone it, why didn’t I think of that?” Identity theft expert Robert Siciliano advises clients to post a “Beware Of Dog” sign on their property so that thieves think there’s a snarling canine on the premises. In addition, consider leaving a large dog bowl outside with the name “Killer” on it to suggest the presence of a large, aggressive dog or buy a barking dog alarm.


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