5 Smart Reasons Why Small Homes Equal Big Savings


Smaller Homes Can Be Big On Savings

The age of McMansions may be coming to an end, and super-sizing just might be a thing of the past. House hunters have come to realize that the old adage “bigger is better” might not be true when it comes to where you live, raise a family, and build a life. Loads of square footage might not seem quite so great when the costs associated with it come round. Here are a few reasons why a small home can end up expanding your money-saving options.

1. You Can Buy A Home For Less

Look at a smaller home as a window of opportunity to enjoy significant savings. A smaller home could potentially cost thousands — perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars — less than a home with more square footage. Consider purchasing a home that’s cozy and charming instead of big and boxy.

2. You Can Buy Fewer Consumer Goods

Less space means less room for random home decor items, extra appliances, electronic gadgets, knickknacks, and novelties. And nothing helps you pare down your wardrobe and kick your shoe-buying habit like a small closet. A smaller home lets you take a closer look at what’s essential versus what’s frivolous because you simply don’t have the room to indulge every whim.

3. You Can Spend Less On Furniture

Table any ideas of having to buy enough furniture to furnish both a formal and an informal dining area, or a master bedroom and a spare guest bedroom. Needless to say, smaller spaces require less furniture. You can focus on filling your living area with a few quality pieces that reflect your personal taste and design aesthetic rather than merely purchasing items to fill empty spaces.

4. You Can Lower Your Utility Bills

Fewer lights to turn on and less space to heat or cool: it all adds up to lower energy costs that you’ll see reflected in your power bill. And that means more money in your wallet at the end of every month. How illuminating.

5. You Can Spend Less Time Cleaning And Maintaining

Time is money, so they say, and you could save both with a smaller-size home. Of course, you’ll buy fewer cleaning products and tools but the real savings comes in the form of time and energy. On the weekend, you won’t be tied down cleaning room after room in your ginormous house (or paying someone to do the cleaning); instead, you’ll have room in your schedule to pursue a favorite hobby, spend time with your family, or just unwind after the workweek.

Seems like a smaller home just might open the door to better living, all the way around.


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