5 Smart Ways To Repurpose The Leftover Easter Goodies You Bought


The Easter holiday usually means a plethora of pastel decor, a bountiful collection of bunnies (both edible and ornamental), and baskets filled with sweet treats in the shape of baby chicks, eggs, and brightly colored carrots. But before you open the trash bin and dump any remnants of your Easter stash, read on to find out how you can repurpose or reuse your holiday hoard.

1. Plastic Egg Birdseed Ornaments

Feed your favorite feathered friends by placing these easy-to-make birdseed ornaments in your backyard. After the Easter egg hunt is over, use your plastic eggs to mold all-natural ornaments that can feed birds for days to come. Not only do the plastic eggs not end up in the landfill, you’ll be helping kids to learn about recycling and repurposing at the same time. The tutorial yields about 18 small feeders.

2. Fake Grass

If you fill your Easter baskets with fake grass made of paper, you can use the leftover grass to fill gift bags throughout the year. In addition, fake grass makes a cheap packing material and can add dimension to your kids’ art projects. Last but not least, you can collect any leftover decorative basket items and reuse them when the Easter bunny makes a return appearance next year.

3. Egg Crates

There are so many ways to reuse egg crates, you’d better get crackin’! 11 Creative Ways to Reuse Egg Crates include recycled decor, jewelry organization, seeding storage, bird feeder, and paint palette.

4. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Sure, they’re pretty — but what happens after the egg coloring and the egg hunting? You’re left with a basket of eggs that have, well, seen their day. Plan on making deviled eggs, a scrumptious egg salad, or eating them plain. Before eating your hard-boiled eggs, check to make sure they haven’t been out of the refrigerator for more than two hours, aren’t more than a week old, and didn’t come in contact with pesticides or animal waste when placed outdoors for the egg hunt.

5. Plastic Egg Tealights

Simple and sophisticated, this tealight flight adds a touch of elegance to a bathroom or bedroom. Spray paint the bottom half of your plastic eggs in the color of your choice (usually a few coats will do), then attach them to a piece of scrap wood using a strong glue. Once everything is dry, place tealights inside to create a soft, welcoming glow.


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