5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding and Still Have a Blast


Avoid Wedding Cost Woes: Five Unique Ways To Save

You’re looking forward to the day when you say “I do” but there’s a big don’t: You don’t want to get in over your head in terms of budgeting for your wedding. The invitations. The venue. Flowers and photos. Dinner and dessert. Hopefully, it all adds up to a beautiful occasion that’s as affordable as it is memorable.

In 2018 the average American wedding cost around $33,931, and the cost could go even higher if you plan to hold your nuptials in a bigger city. But just cutting back on or thinking creatively about a few wedding items could help you save some cash and help to make your special day more about opening your heart and less about opening your wallet.

1. Barter

Think about it: Can you offer something in exchange for a vendor’s particular service? For example: You know someone else who’ll be getting married soon so perhaps you can pass along a referral for a musician. Or if you work in advertising/PR, maybe you can offer the photographer some advice on how to grow their brand. Or if you’re a photographer yourself, you could propose helping the baker put together a portfolio of wedding and special occasion cakes.

2. Go Dutch

The hard-and-fast rules about who pays for what when it comes to weddings are no longer in play. Forget the “bride’s parents pay” mindset and accept financial help from anyone willing to offer. Or consider splitting the wedding costs between the two of you; after all, you are entering into an equal partnership, right?

3. Get Creative With Location

Large, cavernous, nondescript wedding halls are no longer the hallmark of thoughtful, individualized weddings. Skip the more expensive wedding venue and think about a location that means something special to you as a couple: a bucolic park, the backyard of a special family member or friend, a museum where the two of you have spent many a wonderful hour.

4. Cut Out The Cake

Slice your budget by opting for a dessert option other than a high-priced cake: dessert bars, cupcake tiers, food trucks, and doughnut walls are fun and less costly alternatives to a three- or four-tier custom cake. Or consider having a small cake for picture taking purposes and opt for a reasonably priced sheet cake for your guests.

5. Forget The Formal Meal

Vow to make your day less formal and more fun: Instead of serving a sit-down, full-course meal, turn your reception into a cool and casual cocktail hour. Appetizers, a noodle bar, a taco truck, a mac-and-cheese station, and the like offer your guests delicious choices while you get a taste of what it’s like to save money.


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