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5 Things You Should Never Buy At Warehouse Clubs


Worst Things To Buy At Warehouse Clubs

You’re putting together a shopping list and it seems like you need a little bit — or a lot — of everything. Groceries. Electronics. Cleaning supplies. Office stuff. So you scurry over to the local warehouse club with the list in your head and debit or credit card in your hand. Feels like a smart move, seeing as you can get everything you need all in one place.

But you might want to slow your roll for a few reasons. First off, buying products in bulk doesn’t make much sense if you don’t need bulk quantities. Secondly, truth be told, the quality of certain items isn’t always the best at warehouse clubs. Thirdly, you could be missing out on the super savings that come with taking advantage of weekly store sales or using coupons — neither Costco nor Sam’s Club accepts manufacturer coupons.

And another thing: While you’re skipping down the warehouse club aisle, you might want to skip buying the following five products. Read on to find out why.

1. Designer Clothing

So (or sew…) here’s the deal: The discounted prices you might see on designer clothing items such as Calvin Klein, DKNY, or Nicole Miller aren’t the same quality items you can buy directly at high-end retailers or from the manufacturer. They’re typically constructed using lesser-quality materials and are designed with lower-tier retailers in mind.

2. Liquid Laundry Detergent

You’re hoping to buy all of your household products in one clean sweep but that might not be a winning strategy. Liquid cleaning products tend to lose their efficacy over time, which means that the ginormous container of laundry detergent you bought may not be a money-saving strategy after all. You could end up using twice the amount of product to get the desired result with a single wash. The upshot: Consider buying liquid detergent in smaller quantities.

3. Over-The-Counter Medicine

It’s enough to give you a headache just thinking about it: That large bottle of ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol) seemed like a smart move but could end up causing your wallet some pain. Unless you use such products on a daily basis, or multiple people in your home use them frequently, you might not get through the entire 750-count bottle before the pills’ expiration date. If you consider using pain meds beyond the expiration date, take note that this type of medication can lose potency over time.

4. Dips And Spreads

You’re settled in on the sofa, snug in your comfy pants, ready to binge-watch your favorite Netflix series. You bring out the huge tub of hummus you bought at the warehouse club and suddenly you can’t help but think: How much hummus will I have to eat, day in and day out, to get through an entire 40-ounce container before the expiration date? Hmmmm…hummus is beginning to lose some of its appeal….

5. Meats

Buying chicken and beef in bulk sure seemed like a good idea at the time; after all, the per-pound warehouse club price was just too good to pass up. But there’s no big family barbecue on the horizon, no house full of kids and their friends, no neighborhood gathering to celebrate summer and the Fourth of July. So now your freezer is jam-packed with foil-wrapped pieces of whatever (you can’t tell what because everything is, indeed, foil-wrapped), and after freezer burn sets in you’ll just have to throw it all away. Maybe warehouse club shopping isn’t such a slice of heaven after all.


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