5 Things Your 2019 Budget Can Do Without


A little goes a long way, as they say. And cutting a few small items from your budget could mean that more green goes into your bank account. Saving money doesn’t necessarily require a significant lifestyle change, a major budget redo, or doing without the things you love. Consider eliminating some of the following items from your budget or perhaps even all of them if you’re feeling particularly determined to make 2019 the year that you seriously start to stash cash in a savings account, CD, IRA, or another type of investment.

Cutting back on certain expenses doesn’t have to mean slashing fun.

Button Up Your Budget

Everyone has a favorite piece of clothing – the go-to piece in every season that makes you feel comfortable or cool or casually trend-aversive. But do you really need to have that one, special clothing article in every color under the sun? According to consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow, people tend to wear the one color they like best. “The extra one in a different color is usually forgotten and a waste of money.”


Drink In All The Savings

Ever notice how much coffee or cocktails cost when you’re eating out in a restaurant? It adds up, so you might want to ask yourself: Does a cup of Joe or a Bloody Mary really add to your dining experience? Opt for a cool, refreshing glass of water that’s free, good for you, and also good for your wallet.

Controlling Costs: To A Degree, It’s Easy

Heating. Air conditioning. They can end up costing you a bundle if you don’t keep a close eye on your thermostat. If you’re away from home for most of the day, consider a programmable thermostat that allows you to set the temperature of your living space remotely and turn on the heat or air conditioning shortly before you return home.

Don’t Waste Disposable Income On Disposable Products

Floor sweeper pads. Paper towels. Paper plates. These are just a few of the disposable items that can be costly when it comes to your budget — and there’s a cost to the environment for using them as well. Generally less expensive than one-time-use products, washable items such as hand towels can help stop money from slipping through your fingers.

Daily Expenses Can Add To Your Monthly Budget

Sure, you’re only buying a pack of gum, one coffee at your favorite shop, a lottery ticket or two. But day in and day out, these seemingly small purchases can take a bite out of your budget in the course of a week, a month, or a year. Rethink your daily small purchases and you could end up saving enough extra cash to purchase a big-ticket item you’ve been thinking about for a long time.


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