5 Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill


Want To Lower Your Cell Phone Bill? It’s Your Call. 

Cell phone bill comes in. Money goes out. And there doesn’t seem to be any way to dial back the costs. But with just a few simple tweaks you can take your bill from over-the-top to under budget, all while counting the savings that add up over time. 

Switch To A Prepaid Carrier 

Monthly cell phone costs generally run significantly lower with prepaid carriers. For example:  Four lines of unlimited data cost $100 per month with Boost Mobile as compared to $200 per month (before discounts) with its parent company, Sprint. 

It’s worth noting that prepaid carriers typically charge full retail price upfront for new phones rather than billing in installments, so consider keeping your current phone or opting for a used device. 

Change Or Remove Cell Phone Insurance 

A protection plan for your cell phone shouldn’t do damage to your budget. Protection options generally include insurance, extended warranties, and 24/7 tech support for Bluetooth-enabled devices in your home.

Truth is, standard insurance usually provides more than enough coverage and switching from a premium protection plan to basic insurance coverage can save you some bucks every month. 

Add Lines 

You may not want to draw a line in the sand and say “No more lines”  when it comes to your plan. Yes, adding one or more lines increases your bill but splitting the cost with other people can lower the amount each of you pays.  

Update Your Service Address 

Taxes and fees that show up on your bill every month are based on where you live. Updating your service address could help you save big, and changing that information is quick and easy. Log in to your account, change your service address under your user profile, and start ringing in the savings. 

Choose Autopay  

It pays to be prompt when it comes to cell phone bills. Most carriers offer discounts if your sign up for automatic payments but they might require that you pay by check or debit card to receive the discount. 


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