5 Ways YouTube Can Save You Money on DIY Projects


FYI: YouTube Can Save You Money On DIY Projects 

Time and money:  The purpose of DIY projects is to save you some of both. You might fear, however, that you don’t have what it takes to master simple home repairs, tackle everyday tasks, or brew a latte that beats a barista’s, but the right DIY video can take you from being fearful to being an aficionado. 

Take a look at some of the best how-to tutorials for some of life’s most common DIY scenarios — you might be surprised at how much money you can save when you don’t have to pay a professional to get things done. 

How To Fix A Running Toilet 

The water in your toilet is running. And running. And running. But don’t run to the phone to call a plumber. Save yourself the expense by watching This Old House’s video on How to Fix A Running Toilet.

Richard Trethewey guides you through how to fix this common toilet problem without the use of a single tool. We can’t help but say it:  beats flushing money down the toilet. 

Cutting Your Own Hair 

Saving money is always in style and never more so than when you’re taking on the task of cutting your own hair. Short. Long. Layered. Bobbed. There’s a video tutorial for whatever kind of hairdo you’re looking to do over.

Blogger Tips for Clips narrates a relatively easy cut, while blogger Sheetal lays out instructions for layers. 

Brewing A Barista-Level Latte 

That favorite latte you stop and get every morning could run you an easy $5 — that’s a lot to swallow. A video from Urnex (a company that makes products to clean commercial coffee-making equipment) takes you through the steps of making a latte that won’t let you down using nothing but strong coffee, milk, a jam jar, and a microwave. Sip, sip, hooray. 

Replacing A Light Switch 

The cost of an electrician to come to your house and replace a failed light switch can be a jolt to your budget. Why pay a $100 service fee for the replacement of what’s most likely a $5 part?

The light switch replacement video from Home Depot clues you in on the tools and parts you need, and as long as you know where your circuit breaker box is you’re good to go. 

Ironing A Shirt 

Let’s get this straight:  It costs about two dollars for every dress shirt that gets commercially pressed and more if it’s a blouse. In the course of a year, dressing for success can really add up. Since iron and ironing boards are cheap, it’s a good investment to watch an ironing tutorial like the one offered from The Art of Manliness. GQ also has a good video that gets you ironing a shirt in 90 seconds flat. 


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