6 Affordable Hobbies That Can Enrich Your Life


These Hobbies Don’t Require A Lot Of Money But They Can Enrich Your Life

It’s certainly a contradiction: Enjoying your free time isn’t always free. Some hobbies and pastimes require investments in expensive equipment, lessons, or ongoing fees. But there are plenty of inexpensive leisure pursuits where you don’t have to pursue making money to include them in your life. These fun, educational, or leisurely hobbies won’t break the bank while helping you break the boredom.

1. Whittling

Get a knife. Pick up a stick in the woods or your own backyard. Start cutting. Easy-peasy. (Just don’t cut yourself, as that would cut into the pleasurable aspect of this activity!)

2. Collecting Sea Glass

Searching and collecting sea glass is fun, in and of itself. But once you’ve amassed a collection, you can ‘sea’ for yourself just how many DIY projects you can do with the glass of all shapes and colors.

3. Drawing

Maybe you haven’t thought about it since grade school when you drew a picture of a Thanksgiving turkey to bring home to your mother, but drawing is wonderfully relaxing. All you need is a pencil, a piece of paper, and a desire to try your hand at something new.

4. Letterboxing

Chalk this up to activities that won’t leave you feeling boxed in. There are letterboxes hidden all over the world and you can find out where they’re located in your area by going to atlasquest.com. In the boxes, you’ll find a stamp, ink pad, and journal; stamp the found stamp in your book and stamp your stamp in the found book. You never know where this scavenger hunt will take you.

5. Origami

You’ll need three P’s to make this pleasurable activity work: paper, patience, and practice. But in time, you’ll be able to work on making everything from very simple models to intricate designs.

6. Raspberry Pi

Learn to code, build machines, and participate in online communities dedicated to discovering new projects you can do with your Raspberry Pi. You’ll need $35 for a board, an SD card, and a computer to set it up. Among its uses: You can configure Raspberry Pi to wirelessly stream video to your television (for much less than the price of Apple TV) or you can use it as a network file server for significantly less than the cost of a commercially-available solution.


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