6 Best Expense and Mileage Tracker Apps (And It Could Be Free!)


Tracking Mileage And Expenses? There’s An App For That!

You know that it’s important to track mileage and expenses information. The IRS will want an accounting come tax time and you want to be certain you get every possible deduction. But the tracking and collecting and keeping of all that information can make it seem more like a bother than a benefit.

The good news: You can chuck that notebook you’ve kept stashed in the glove box of your car and check out these free mileage tracker apps. No more writing and remembering and jotting down notes. Bet that’s got the wheels in your head-turning.

1. Stride Drive (Free)

This app runs in the background, logging every mile you drive. But it doesn’t stop there: Stride Drive also generates an IRS-ready report that you can use when doing your taxes. Other tracked expenses include parking fees, tolls, car washes — even snacks doled out to passengers. Available at iTunes and Google Play.

2. TripLog (Free)

Note that TripLog’s mileage and expense-tracking features are free but unlocking additional features like cloud data backup and auto-tracking could cost up to $4 per month. In addition, TripLog lets you look at your driving route for the entire day.

3. Mileage Expense Log (Free)

A standout among mileage trackers, this app features an included rate book that allows you to quickly check mileage rates. Keep your phone’s GPS on and Mileage Expense Log will automatically track and log all your drives.

4. MileIQ (Free)

You get 40 free drives per month with MileIQ and also have the option to upgrade to unlimited drives for $5.99 per month. The app automatically captures your drives and provides a mileage log. You can classify your drives into distinct categories like personal, charity, or business; simply swipe to assign them to the correct list or let MileIQ complete that function automatically.

5. Hurdlr (Free)

This app’s basic version includes expense, income tax, and semi-automatic mileage tracking; the premium version will cost you $7.99 per month and includes tracking all your mileage automatically as well as creating real-time and year-end tax estimates. Another plus: Hurdlr connects to more than 9,500 financial institutions, which means you can link your Hurdlr account to your bank or credit union. That’s one less tracking hurdle to overcome.

6. Everlance ($8 per month or $60 annual payment)

Versatility meet efficiency: Everlance lets you track your mileage and all your other business expenses. This app starts and stops automatically, detects when your car starts moving and records the number of miles you drive. You can also categorize each trip, set work hours, and classify drives during those hours as business trips. With business expenses, you can photograph receipts, store them in the cloud, and avoid sky-high piles of paperwork. Want to sync your bank account and credit cards to the app? You can do that, too.


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