6 Great Places To Donate Your Old Or Used Books



Start A New Chapter In Giving: 6 Places To Donate Your Old Or Used Books

Perhaps you have a pile of old books piled high on your home office desk. Or toppling off the bookshelves in your den. Or stacked on the floor of your ‘spare room’ — you know, the room where you keep never-used exercise equipment, clothes you never wear, and “heirlooms” your mother gave you that you never intend to display. But there can be a happy ending for your old or used books, whether they’re hardcover or paperback. Instead of filling up the landfill, why not fulfill someone’s desire to be informed, educated, or entertained by a good read? Here are six places you can donate books.

1. United Through Reading

This nonprofit connects soldiers with their families during deployment by enabling the sharing of bedtime stories without having to take into account annoying time zone differences. United Through Reading records military parents reading children’s stories and play the recordings for the little ones. Donations of children’s books are always needed.

2. Little Free Library

Little Book Sheds, with room to house five to 20 books, are popping up across neighborhoods. People can take, return, and add books as they please using the honor system. Little Free Library often caters to children’s books, but adult titles are welcome as well.

3. Paper Retriever

If your books aren’t in the best condition and you’d like to recycle them for a good cause, consider donating to Paper Retriever. The company drops off their signature green and yellow bins for collecting unwanted books, magazines, papers, catalogs, and notebooks. The recycled waste is used to raise funds for local charities and organizations.

4. Operation Paperback

Since 1991 this nonprofit has donated 2.2 million books to troops looking to enjoy a good read, wherever they are. Only gently used books are accepted.

5. Books Through Bars

A nonprofit committed to the belief that education can help combat the negative effects of incarceration, Books Through Bars collects secondhand books and distributes them to inmates.

6. Book Banks

Book banks collect books and distribute them to people in need. Many of these charities distribute books to children who don’t have books to read at home while at the same time encouraging a lifelong love of reading that might just give rise to an increased love of learning.


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