6 Simple Ways To Make Money With Your Musical Talent



So you might not have made the cut when you auditioned for The Voice. Or American Idol. Or America’s Got Talent. Or The X Factor. No worries. Your persistence might not have paid off but that doesn’t mean your musical talent need go to waste.

There are more than a few ways to earn money from your musical ability — find the one that hits just the right note for your talent and your lifestyle. 


Whether you sing or play an instrument, chances are you can teach others to do the same. Check out websites like Wyzant.com to find potential students without the need for costly advertising and self-promotion. 

Start A YouTube Channel 

Monetize your music video tutorials on YouTube and you could end up making big money. But if teaching doesn’t strike a chord with you, consider recording yourself performing and put the videos on YouTube. Skeptical? Ask Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber if this strategy can be successful. 

Become a DJ 

In addition to getting paid for gigs at bars, clubs, and private parties, you might be able to play some of your own tunes alongside popular requests. Before you know it, you might have a following of your own, which puts a very positive spin on the whole DJ scene. 

Write Songs 

Don’t forget about that song you jotted down and tucked away in your sock drawer. You can earn mechanical royalties or performance royalties for songwriting. Mechanical royalties earn you a statutory rate of $0.0755 per song, per manufactured unit. How does it all add up?

If your song is on 10,000 albums you’d rake in $755. Performance royalties come into play whenever the song you wrote is performed; however, to collect this type of royalty you must join one of these three performing organizations:  ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. 

Try Fiverr 

Current users on Fiverr offer services ranging from mixing music and writing jingles to recording music and creating music videos.  

Sing In Church 

It’s a win-win:  singing in praise of a higher power while also helping your bank account reach new heights. Some churches pay their singers, especially on holidays like Easter and Christmas. Amen to that. 


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