7 Bathroom Purchases That Won’t Sink Your Budget


Get These Must-Haves For Under $10

The bathroom. It’s probably one of the most overlooked rooms in your house. It’s a necessity, but it’s not necessarily where you want to spend a significant portion of your interior design budget. With a few well-chosen essentials, however, you can take your bathroom from blah to spa — and bring organization to the inevitable bathroom clutter — without spending a lot of money. Read on for some smart bathroom essentials that you can find for $10 or less.

1. Ball Jars

Pick up a set of wide-mouth Ball Jars and you’re on your way to organizing all the bric-a-brac and small necessities that tend to collect on bathroom countertops. Because the jars are clear, you can easily see contents such as cotton balls, Q-tips, small hand soaps, manicure materials, and the like. Or simply use a jar to house a softly-scented potpourri.

2. Over-Door Rack

Don’t get hung up on not having enough space in your bathroom: An over-door rack allows you to hang everything from towels to clothing without screwing anything into the wall.

3. Eating Utensils Tray

They’re meant to house knives, forks, and spoons, but eating utensil trays can pull double-duty as an all-around storage tray in your vanity. The slots are long and narrow, allowing for placement of toothbrushes, combs, grooming tools, and more.

4. Step Organizer

Take organizing your bathroom closet or vanity to another level with a step organizer. A three-tiered cabinet organizer allows for easy access to makeup products, extra tubes of toothpaste, soaps, bath products, and shampoos.

5. Magnetic Strip

Bobby pins, tweezers, and other small metal items have a way of disappearing in a bathroom — especially when you need them most. Stick a few magnetic strips on your bathroom wall or the inside of a cabinet or closet and the magnets will corral your metal must-haves all in one place.

6. Fabric Shower Liner

It’s curtains for bathroom items that need to be replaced over and over again, including plastic shower curtains. A fabric liner can last for years with proper care: Remember to wash the curtain monthly to keep it fresh and mold-free.

7. Shower Rings

Replace your standard plastic shower curtain hangers with double-glide shower rings that let you easily remove and replace your shower curtain. Use your old curtain rings to hang baskets containing shower necessities (or indulgences) inside your shower or bath area.


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