7 Side Gigs That Pay More Than $20 An Hour


Looking to make some extra money to add to your full-time paycheck? In need of a stable side gig that pays more than minimum wage? Hoping to put some new skills to good use? A side gig can be just answer — here are seven options that generally pay over $20 per hour.

1. Interpreter

Bilingual or multilingual? Consider becoming a translator. You can be an on-call translator for legal and medical services or set up steady gigs ahead of time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Interpreters and translators earn a mean hourly wage of $26.55.

2. Sign Language Interpreter

Sign language interpreters are often sought for translating on stage at events, in courtrooms and classrooms, and at smaller meetings. The average hourly pay is $26.62, but you can earn up to $48.47 per hour with this job, according to PayScale.

3. Personal Chef

As a personal chef, you can set up a weekly gig at someone’s house a few nights a week, or offer your services for special events. Personal chef gigs pay an average of over $20 per hour and can go up to $45 per hour or more.

4. Dog Walker

Take a canine out for a casual walk and you could earn up to $25.59 per hour, according to PayScale. You can work for yourself or for a dog-walking company. Just be sure to have all the insurance you may need.

5. Yoga Instructor

Teaching yoga can put you in a position to earn an average of $24.88 hourly, which can go up to nearly $50 per hour. To become a yoga instructor, you’ll need to take a teacher training class, which typically includes 200 hours of training, instruction, and a final exam.

6. Test Prep Instructor

Kaplan and other companies look for skilled test-takers to teach students how to succeed at important exams, including the SAT, ACT, MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT, among others. According to GlassDoor, test prep instructors can earn $22.00 per hour for an SAT course.

7. Landscaping

Many landscaping jobs start at $20 or more per hour; if you can operate heavy machinery, you could earn even more. Check Craigslist and local online bulletin boards for one-off gigs, or contact a local landscaping company to see if they need an extra hand during the busy spring and summer seasons. Make sure you have all the licenses and insurance you need before offering your landscaping services.


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