7 Small Gestures That Can Make A Big Difference At Work


During this time of coronavirus confusion, strategizing for safety, and, of course, ‘social distancing’, a little consideration can go a long way for those who are still heading off to work at a location other than home. It’s a good time to implement a few simple considerations that can help boost morale, encourage camaraderie, and increase the good vibe of “we’re all in this together.”

1. Feed The Copy Machine

Take a few minutes to top off the copy machine paper tray and make sure there’s enough paper on hand for the next person, who’ll appreciate the interruption-free copying when it’s their turn.

2. Raise Your Hand To Lend A Hand

Volunteer to be the committee point person and spearhead your company’s charitable involvement with organizations such as the United Way, Habitat For Humanity, JDRF, or others. Volunteering not only helps to build teamwork but also encourages camaraderie and a sense of optimism that comes from seeing, doing, participating.

3. Offer Kudos

Acknowledging a job well-done can take just minutes but the effects can be long-lasting. Send an email to your team that highlights the accomplishments of a colleague, or give a coworker a great LinkedIn recommendation.

4. Give A Small ‘Thank You’ Gift

Maybe a coworker pitched in to help you get a difficult project out the door on time. Or someone stayed late so that someone else could go home early to tend to a family matter. Or maybe a task that everyone wanted to avoid was taken on by an employee who got it done without getting snippy. Show your appreciation with a $5.00 gift card to their favorite coffee or dessert shop.

5. Express Interest

Even with social distancing in place, you can still help others feel connected to the world we all live in, coronavirus or no. Ask a coworker how a vacation went, how family members are doing, or share a funny story that can lighten the workplace mood.

6. Be The Brew Person

Keeping the coffee coming is a good way to keep up spirits in the workplace when days are long and stress is high. Brew a fresh pot at the start of the workday, before a meeting, or when the coffee pot is nearing empty. (Bringing in some doughnuts to go along with that coffee wouldn’t be a bad idea, either!)

7. Tidy Up

During confusing times such as the coronavirus outbreak, restoring and maintaining order can make the situation feel less chaotic. Set aside some time to clean the break room microwave, replenish supplies, or empty the dishwasher. You might even tackle cleaning out the refrigerator and disposing of some of the items that have been chilling for way too long and are now beyond recognition.


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