8 Advanced Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out In 2019


Make Your Resume Stand Out In The 2019 Job Market With These 8 Tips

The numbers can be daunting: On average, you have only about six seconds to hook a future employer or recruiter with your resume.

That’s about the same amount of time it took you to read those first two sentences.

What’s more, you need to find a way to stand out among the 6.5 million job seekers crowding the labor market and flooding inboxes with resumes. Here are 8 tips from human resources and recruiting experts that can help make your resume one of the best instead of just one that’s overlooked like the rest.

1. Block out time to write your resume

Carve out a specific time frame or date and just get started on writing your resume. If you don’t have a resume, you can’t get a job and you won’t get paid. That, in and of itself, should motivate you to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

2. Look closely at the job description/listing

Highlight any words or phrases used repeatedly in a job description or listing, then circle the ones you feel match up with your own credentials, experience, or expertise. By including keywords in your resume, your resume will stand a better chance of catching a recruiter’s eye.

3. Tweak your resume based on the job for which you’re applying

Customize your resume for each job you’re chasing by using keywords used to describe the position for which you’re applying. Static or one-size-fits-all resumes lessen your chances of standing out from the pack.

4. Pay someone to write your resume

Pay a resume-writing company to create your resume. Loren Margolis, CEO of Training & Leadership Success, suggests reading reviews of these types of companies before paying for their services as well as inquiring about what type of resume format they’ll use, and why.

5. Keep formatting simple

Keep the format of your resume clean and simple. Skip the out-of-the-box color, the bold graphics, the headshot you think is adorable but that seems questionable to others. Consider adding inline links to your LinkedIn profile or a personal portfolio instead.

6. Don’t choose a fancy font

In the case of resume fonts, boring is better. Recruiters are busy people and they’ll be looking for something that’s quick and easy to read. Arial and Georgia are good font choices that limit eye strain and annoyance.

7. Use bulleted lists

Resumes that include big chunks of text and rambling paragraphs are passé. Use short bullet points to highlight your accomplishments and allow future employers to see your work history at a glance.

8. Write your resume in the software you want, but save it as a PDF

Submitting your resume as a Word document could cause an applicant-tracking system to ignore it and cause headaches for recruiters who don’t have Microsoft Office. Sending your resume as a .pdf avoids any problems with cross-compatibility.


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