8 Reasons To Love Shopping At Walmart (Even If You Don’t Like To Admit It) 


Why We Actually “Enjoy” Shopping at Walmart

It’s not uncommon: Shoppers admit to having a love-hate relationship with Walmart. The prices draw you in but the customer service (or lack thereof) turns you off. But there are reasons why about 265 million shoppers worldwide stroll through Walmart’s aisle every week, looking for the best prices, the best selection, the best use of whatever free time they have available to grab cant-do-without groceries and household items. If you walked away from Walmart a while ago, you might find that some of the changes they’ve made are enough to lure you back. Even the store greeters’ roles have changed! Say hello to the new, improved Walmart.

1. Grocery Upgrades And More Organics

Get a fresh perspective on Walmart’s produce offerings: They’ve increased their offerings of organic foods with newly launched items from Walmart’s low-cost

Great Value line. Depending on your neighborhood store, you’ll also find a selection of items such as sushi, charcuterie, and fine gourmet cheeses.

2. Free Next-Day Delivery

You don’t need to have a membership to enjoy Walmart’s free shipping. Next-day shipping on orders of $35 or more is available in 40 of the top 50 major U.S. metro areas.

3. Same-Day Grocery Delivery

Craving those jelly-filled- frosted- sprinkled donuts from the Walmart bakery? Order online and go to the delivery option. Walmart-trained personal shoppers will do the picking and bagging for same-day delivery. Don’t expect a markup on any of the groceries; prices are the same that you’d pay in the store.

4. Free Health Screenings

Doesn’t it feel good to, well, feel good? Periodically, Walmart offers Walmart Wellness days when you can take advantage of free health screenings and resources. Free screenings including blood glucose, blood pressure, body mass; you can also receive flu shots, low-cost immunizations, and free vision screenings in stores with vision centers.

5. More Self-Checkout Registers

Are Walmart long lines a thing of the past? It could be, especially if you’re lining up in the self-checkout area. Banks of self-checkout registers, overseen by a single employee, allow for easier, faster order processing (and fewer sightings of the dreaded flashing ‘need assistance’ register light while you wait in line at the employee-manned registers).

6. Expanded Greeters’ Role

Say goodbye to the usual “Welcome to Walmart” greeter. People greeters are now “customers hosts” with expanded duties such as keeping the aisles clean, handling refunds and checking receipts as shoppers exit stores (much like warehouse-club-style stores).

7. Free Curbside Service

Now you can chill when it comes to doing your grocery shopping (and we’re not talking about the frozen food section). All you need do is order online, drive to your neighborhood Walmart, and your bagged groceries will be loaded into the car for free. You don’t even need to leave your vehicle. Grocery shopping is now a piece of cake.

8. In-Store Financial Services

Whether your neighborhood Walmart has an in-store MoneyCenter or a Customer Service Desk, you’ll be able to access financial services ranging from money transfers to check cashing. You can also print checks, pay bills, and get a money order. And a few more reasons to skip the bank drive-up window: Walmart has its own branded credit card, a reloadable pre-paid Walmart Money Card program, and a service that allows you to send money Walmart-to-Walmart to relatives, friends, and others.


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