9 Hot Holiday Toys For Under $20 At Walmart


Put A Jingle In Your Pocket: 9 Holiday Toys Under $20 At Walmart

Dashing through the snow this holiday season might be fine, but dashing to the ATM to get more cash for your holiday’s shopping — not so much. The National Retail Federation predicts that shoppers will spend an average of $659 on gifts this year; after all, it’s easy to reach that benchmark when you’re looking at presents like a $200 Barbie DreamHouse and $300 for a Nintendo Switch.

Here are nine hot — and affordable — toys sourced from Walmart that are great options for families trying to stay on budget this holiday season. The kids will have a great time playing with them and you’ll find that you have some extra money to play with after the holidays have come and gone.

(Costs listed are regular retail prices sourced online November 13, 2019; prices may vary.)

1. Blume Doll | $9.88

Add a bit of water and this doll comes out of its flower pot into full bloom. Extras include stickers and accessories.

2. Banana Blast | $19.82

For families that like monkeying around. Players grab bananas from a tree and scramble to catch the monkey jumping from the top. Suitable for children ages 4 to 9.

3. Marvel Spider-Man Web Slinger | $19.99

Put the Marvel Spider-Man Web Slinger on your list of marvelous gifts. Kids can actually shoot strings of “web” from their wrist.

4. Blinger Diamond Collection Hair and Fashion Styling Tool | $19.97

Add some zing to your kids’ holidays while they add some bling to their hair, clothes, and accessories. Includes 75 gems in a wide variety of colors.

5. Tic Tac Toy XOXO Friends Multipack Surprise | $9.84

Unboxing this toy uncovers hidden surprises. Each pack includes two XOXO friends, three swappable wings, one accessory, one putty pack, and one putty cutter.

6. What’s In My Purse Mystery Thoughts Pack | $8.99

What gifts your kids get remain a mystery until the box is opened. Each pack may contain charm bracelets, erasers, markers, lip gloss rings, and more.

7. Treasure X Alien Hunters Single Pack | $14.92

Oozing with mystery…and even some actual slimy ooze. Your little treasure hunter will need to follow 12 steps to unveil the prizes hidden within each pack.

8. Pikmi Pops Cheeki Puffs | $10.88

These scented collectible plush toys let you enjoy the sweet smell of savings. This gift also contains two surprises such as hair ties, temporary tattoos, and nail stickers.

9. What’s In My Purse Surprise Pinkie Swear Doll Purse w/Surprises | $19.94

What could be more charming than a doll-shaped purse? Kids can play with the doll alone or attach the metal chain to carry as a purse. It also includes two erasers and a lip gloss.


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