A New Way For Shoppers To Tap And Pay



Apple Pay and other mobile wallets have been offering customers the ability to “tap and pay” at the register for years. U.S. credit- and debit-card issuers are getting in on the act, putting speedier transactions within your grasp. To use a contactless card, you hold the card within a few inches of a terminal that accepts near-field communication (NFC) payments (identified as a symbol of four vertical curves). No contact necessary.  

Contactless. Effortless. 

Change is already in the air:  According to Kiplinger, among U.S. merchants that accept payments via Visa, 78 of the top 100 (ranked by number of transactions) can now handle contactless transactions. Other merchants with contactless capabilities include CVS Pharmacy, McDonald’s, and Costco Wholesale. Target is on target to do the same. 

Chase Visa debit cards will carry the technology beginning in the second half of 2019, while all newly issued and renewed Chase Visa consumer credit cards already carry the technology. If you hold a Quicksilver, Savor, or Venture credit card from Capital One, you have contactless capability; same, too, with Hilton Honors and Gold cards from American Express. You can also request a contactless-enabled version of any Amex consumer card. 

Feel Secure In Your Choice 

Using a contactless card is more secure than inserting a card into a chip reader. It transfers unique, encrypted data when you tap to pay (in much the same way that information is transferred using a card reader and chip) so that thieves can’t access enough information in a breach to create counterfeit cards. According to  

Randy Vanderhoof, director of U.S. Payments Forum, crooks can’t gather enough viable data to make counterfeit cards even if they use a skimming device to steal data from you card by coming within close proximity.  

So expect to zip through your next purchase with confidence and ease. Tap and pay credit cards and debit cards are paving the way not only for expediency and efficiency but also improved privacy. Now that’s something to get charged up about. 


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