Beach On a Budget: 5 Ways to Save Money On Your Beach Vacation


It’s A Shore Thing:  You Can Save Money On A Beach Getaway 

Yes, you could be leisurely searching the shore for sand dollars — if only you had the money for a beach vacation. Truth is, not every seaside sojourn needs to be a budget buster. Here are a few suggestions for diving into the waves and lounging under the sun without leaving a cloud over your bank account. 

1. Go During Off-Peak Seasons 

If you’re looking for good rates on a hotel room or vacation rental, avoid traveling on the major warm-weather holidays like Memorial Day or Fourth of July. Shoulder seasons like late spring and late summer — even early autumn — offer great beach weather without the burn of peak prices. 

2. Check Out Less Popular — But No Less Beautiful — Destinations 

They make the list of some of America’s best beach destinations:  Florida, Hawaii, Cape May in New Jersey, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, Southern California, and Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

But if you widen your focus and look at destinations known for being less expensive you can enjoy beachside beauty without getting in over your head cost-wise. Gulfport, Mississippi and Pensacola, Florida are two great options, as are the cooler waters of the Northeast and Northwest.  

3. Bring Your Own Beach Chairs, Umbrellas, And Other Accessories 

If you had just bought and brought your own beach umbrella you could have saved the cost of renting one and tipping the person who brings it out and puts it up for you — plus you’ll have the umbrella for keeps.

Don’t wait until you’re in the beach vicinity to buy beach pails, toys, boogie boards and the like – prices will likely be as high as the incoming tide. Buy any items you planning on using at the beach before you get there to save on fun-in-the-sun essentials. 

4. Eat Up The Savings:  Bring Your Own Snacks 

Sure, there’s a boardwalk bar just steps away from the beach but you may find the prices are a leap — convenience often doesn’t come cheap. Consider packing your snacks in a cooler or, if your vacation rental or beachside bungalow comes with a kitchen, cook up some fresh, nautical-inspired meals. 

5. Avoid Beachfront Properties  

Unless you’re planning to stay in your room for most of your getaway, opt out of spending more money for a room that promises an ocean view. A better option might be to choose a vacation rental or hotel that’s mere blocks from the beach and that offers complimentary buses or shuttles to and from the shore.  


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