Best Holiday Gifts Under $10 — 9 Gift Ideas For 10 Dollars Or Less


9 Holiday Gifts Under $10 (That Friends And Family Will Actually Want!)

It’s the season of mingle bells: neighborhood get-togethers and office parties, family gatherings, and once-a-year social events. What do they all have in common? Gift giving, the presentation of presents, or participation in the often-dreaded Secret Santa exchange.

But when it comes to seasonal gift giving you don’t need to break the bank to make someone break into a smile. Here are 10 holiday gifts for under $10 (prices effective as of November, 2019) that are charming, thoughtful, or just plain fun.

1. Cat Coffee Cup Cozy ($9.00)

We just have to say it: the Cat Coffee Cup Cozy is the purr-fect gift for those who like to curl up on the sofa with a favorite feline and enjoy a hot cuppa on a chilly day.

2. Cheese Knives ($7.95)

Smile and say “cheese.” These knives take a plate of cheese from ordinary appetizers to a pretty display piece, any time of the year.

3.  Bonsai Tree Seeds ($2.99)

Ideal for those with a green thumb as well as those who are all thumbs when it comes to gardening. The ancient tradition of growing bonsai trees makes a wonderful hobby (note that the substrate and container aren’t included).

4. Scarf Hanger ($9.97)

There’s no need for anyone to tie themselves up in knots when it comes to keeping scarves (or belts or ties) organized, easily accessible, and wrinkle-free. No more digging through a bundle of scarves randomly tossed in a storage box.

5.  Light Bulb Bud Vase ($3 to $4.99)

Great idea! Charming but also slightly nerdy, light bulb bud vases shed some light on just how easy it is to give a cute gift that doesn’t bust your holiday budget.

6. Gourmet Barbecue Sauces ($7.95)

It might be too chillin’ outside for grillin’, but spring and summer will come round again and there’s nothing like a great sauce to amp up backyard barbecues.

7. The Seven-Year Pen ($8.95)

This unassuming, eco-friendly pen can write five and a half feet per day for seven years! Now that’s a gift worth writing home about.

8. Cookie or Brownie Mix in a Jar ($3)

A gift that’s both mouth-watering and money-saving — what could be better? Buy yourself some Mason jars, scour the web for creative all-in-a-jar recipe ideas, write an instruction card for the recipient, and tie it all up with a festive ribbon.

9. Beer Marshmallows ($8.50)

You’re going to want to hop on this one right away: These marshmallows are ideal for the beer aficionado on your list. You can also find other tasty varieties such as Maple Bacon, Fluffernutter, and Gingerbread.


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