Big Considerations That Come With Owning A Tiny Home


Tiny home living. It’s a booming industry right now thanks to shows like “Tiny House Hunters” on HGTV and a never-ending supply of glossy magazine articles that equate tiny living with colossal rewards. There may be more to this trend, however, than meets the eye. Information culled from industry experts and tiny house owners may help you decide if tiny living is the real deal or just a big hoax.

Will less square footage square with your lifestyle?

It Costs More Than A Little Change

A tiny home for under $10,000? Don’t count on it. According to Randy Woodman of Tiny Innovations, a tiny-home builder in Portland, Oregon, a professionally built tiny house that’s been inspected for quality starts around $40,000 for a 20-foot structure.

Tiny Tidying Can Be Constant

Dirt. Clutter. Junk. There’s only so much room in a tiny house to put or stash away things so you might find yourself constantly cleaning in order to keep your tiny abode tidy.

Love To Shop? It Might Be Something You Have To Drop

Forget those shopping sprees to your favorite home decor store, garden supply shop, or apparel boutique. In a tiny home, storage is at a premium, which means you may find yourself buying only the essentials.

Minimal Space Means Minimizing Entertaining

Prepare to pare down your invite list: Less living space translates into less entertaining. Dinner parties of 10 could turn into casual meals for four with little room for relaxing and socializing.

Brining Your Home With You Can Bring Added Expenses

A movable tiny home allows you to be unencumbered, flexible, free thinking. Yes, you can move at a moment’s notice or take a spontaneous road trip but certain travel-related costs will follow you, including gas, parking, and car maintenance.

When One Door Opens Another Door Closes

Many states have zoning laws that restrict where — and how long — you can park a movable dwelling such as a tiny home. And according to, in some states it’s illegal to live in a tiny home structure if the square footage doesn’t meet minimum requirements.

Before you decide on the size house in which you want to live, be sure to gather the facts, research the data, and take into consideration all the pros and cons. Will you find out that tiny house living is for you? Needless to say, that’s the big question.


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