Buying These 5 Reusable Products Can Help Save Money Over Time


Ditch These Five Disposables, Buy Reusables, See Savings That Are Considerable 

Saving the planet and saving money don’t often go hand-in-hand. We tend to favor using disposable products because they’re easy to find at low prices — but the cost to Mother Earth can be steep. Just a few examples:  Disposable diapers make changing little Tucker or Tamara simple and quick but it will take hundreds of years before they decompose in landfills. We’ve all gotten a taste for the ease of using plastic bags and straws but millions of them pollute the ocean and are often ingested by sea animals with deadly consequences.

Although buying reusable products may cost a bit more up front they can end up paying for themselves over the long term since you won’t need to continue buying disposable versions. Take a look at the reusable version versus the disposable version of the following five household products. You’ll see that going green is also a good way to save yourself some green.

1. Straws

It’s easy to suck up the initial cost of reusable straws when you analyze the numbers. About fifty disposable straws at 2 cents each will cost about $.99; for the same price you can purchase a reusable stainless steel straw ($7.99 for a pack of eight plus two brushes). After 50 uses the cost of the reusable straw breaks even with the cost of its disposable counterpart.

2. Diapers

One cloth diaper costs $4.67, which is equal to the cost of about 27 disposable diapers at 17 cents each, so maybe Luvs isn’t the best way to show your budget some love. A cloth diaper will have paid for itself after 27 diaper changes.

3. Sandwich Bags

The cold truth about putting your cold cut sandwich in a plastic bag: One reusable sandwich bag costs $4.99, which is equal to the price of 124 plastic sandwich bags at 4 cents each. After 124 uses, the reusable sandwich bag has essentially paid for itself, clearing the way for savings while also not clogging up riverways and oceans.

4. Water bottles

Splurge for a reusable water bottle at $12.98 and you’ll be keeping about 24 single-use water bottles (at 53 cents each) from ending up in the landfill. After just 24 uses (which adds up to not even one month if you use the bottle daily) the reusable version will have paid for itself.

5. Paper Towels 

When you think about how many paper towels you go through in a day, a week, a month, you realize you’re on a roll when it comes to this wasteful habit. Purchase a cloth kitchen towel for $1.33 and you’ll have spent just a few cents more than a roll of paper towels priced at $1.13.


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