eBay Made Easy: How To Make Money On eBay Auctions


It happens one day: You realize those treasured family ‘heirlooms’ are just simply taking up room. Or the Star Wars memorabilia that once represented the ‘dark side’ has now taken over the entire side of your family room. Or you’re simply on a determined path to cut the clutter. In any case, consider selling your no-longer-loved treasures and valuables on eBay, the popular online auction site. Maximize your money and minimize time and effort with just a few tips that can help ensure you don’t come up short.

Offer Free Shipping

According to Mike Thomas of BTW Consulting, a firm that advises eBay and Amazon sellers, free shipping is a must. Simply put, buyers expect to get their merchandise at no cost; if you charge for shipping, it could cost you a sale.

Align Your Auction With A Charity

When you list an item on eBay you can choose to donate a portion of the sale – anywhere from 10% to 100% – to your favorite charity. The organization’s logo will appear alongside the item’s description. Although most online shoppers look for the cheapest price, some buyers filter listings associated with a specific charity, which could attract more shoppers to your item.

Start Your Auction On A Thursday Night

Here’s a peek into eBay’s peak traffic: Sunday evenings are best for attracting bidders who are at home, not at work, and have the free time to browse, bargain hunt, and bid. Start a 10-day listing on Thursday evening and it will be active on two Sundays instead of just one, and will end on a Sunday evening.

Start The Bidding At A Penny

Does how you open your auction make a dime’s worth of difference? It certainly can. When you start your auction at $0.01 (the “penny auction”) it encourages early and frequent bidding by shoppers looking for a deal; in addition, they’ll stay engaged as your auction price escalates because competition can motivate bidders to win at any cost.

Allow Returns

According to Prabhat Shah, an online marketer and seller at DayToDay eBay, which offers training for eBay and Amazon sellers, allowing returns increases the comfort and trust factor for buyers. Without the fear of having no recourse should buyer’s remorse kick in, shoppers might feel a sense of security and be willing to pay extra for an item they’ve been eyeing and, hopefully, see their way through to a purchase.


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