6 Free Apps That Can Put Your Family Road Trip On The Path To Fun


“Are we there yet?”

It’s the hallmark of every family road trip that seems to start out fine but then takes a detour to boredom, kids fighting, wrong directions, and so, so many regrets that you didn’t fly. You can, however, keep adults and kids alike entertained during a road trip with these six free apps that are entertaining as well as educational.

1. Hoopla App

If your local library uses the Hoopla app, you can check out audiobooks that won’t cost you a dime. Hoopla offers access to TV shows, music, movies, and hundreds of book titles for kids and teens (you can even find children’s audiobooks in Spanish).

2. Gismart’s Piano App

It could just be the key to keeping everyone happy while you’re en route: Gismart’s Piano lets you learn to play popular songs on the keyboard even if you’ve never had a formal lesson. Not particularly fond of piano? Let your passengers pick an app that teaches them to play the drums, ukulele, or guitar. Just don’t forget to pack the headphones.

3. Duolingo App

Word is that the Duolingo app uses games to teach kids and adults how to speak over 25 different languages. Consider it a learning opportunity for the entire family because even while using headphones, your kids will repeat (and repeat…and repeat…) words and phrases aloud.

4. Stories By Gus On The Go App

This language learning app uses classic children’s stories to teach the basics of Greek, Hebrew, French, and Spanish. Available to download only via Apple’s App Store, this app can be used by kids who already know and understand some words in another language.

5. Geo Touch App

No matter where you’re headed, a road trip is a great way to teach your fellow passengers about the world around them, especially geography. The Geo Touch app lets travelers of any age (everyone from Jack and Janey to Grandma Mamie) about U.S. states, state flags, state capitals, and more. Available to download only via Apple’s App Store.

6. Mad Libs

You don’t have to be sentenced to boredom when you’re on a road trip: This app, a tech version of the classic Mad Libs game, allows your kids to practice using the right word in the right way.


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