Jobs With Benefits: 7 Summer Jobs With Perks You Can’t Pass Up 


Seven Summer Jobs With Perks You Can’t Pass Up 

Summer. It’s the season of wind-in-your-hair car rides, beach blanket bonding with friends and family, R & R that means leaving behind the grind of 9 to 5. But when all is said and done, when you’re immersing yourself in summer fun you still need to come up with funds to pay your bills. But before you tie yourself down to a just plain dreary summer job check out these employment opportunities that let you collect a paycheck while making the most of work and play.  

1. Hiking And Guiding Companies 

Work for a hiking and guiding company and you’ll get paid to explore the outdoors and see some spectacular places up close. You might also get to snag a spot on an excursion for a family member or friend.  

2. National And State Park Jobs 

There are a number of reasons to work for the National Park Service, including the fact that it offers opportunities at 407 different locations. Perks can include low-cost employee housing and meal plans; free concessionaire perks such as tours, rafting, flight-seeing trips, and more; and special job opportunities for students.  

3. Outdoor Gear Shops 

Employees can enjoy some great perks while working at outdoor gear shops — are you in? Expect significant discounts on outdoor clothing and equipment, “pro deal’ discounts with manufacturers, and policies that allow employees to purchase a limited number of items at reduced prices.  

4. Water Parks 

What other summer job can make such a, well, splash?  You’re sure to find a water park in your locale; after all, there are more than 2,000 of them around the world. Check out jobs that range from park attendants and lifeguards to customer service and admissions. Typical perks include free admission to not only the park but also sister attractions as well as merchandise and food discounts. 

5. Movie Theaters 

Lights. Camera. Action. And perks. Work at a movie theater and you get to watch unlimited movies — blockbusters as well as indie hits — absolutely free. You could also score leftover swag from movie marketing and promotional campaigns. 

6. Museums 

They’re not just full of stuffy old relics:  Museums are a treasure trove of fascinating artifacts that can expand your understanding of history, culture, nature, and the world at large. As a museum employee you can expect free access to museum exhibits and grounds; the get-in-free-deals can sometimes be extended to family and friends. 

7. Golf Courses 

Work and have a ball — what’s not to like? Take advantage of perks like free golfing, pro shop discounts, and more when you’re employed as a caddy, food service staff member, maintenance crew worker, or pro shop employee.


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