Lower Your Bills: This Free App Will Negotiate Down Your Monthly Bills For You


Say Hello To Lower Bills: This Free App Could Cut Your Costs By Calling Companies For You

You’ve decided you want to lower the cost of your cell phone plan, your internet provider, or your cable TV. Perhaps all three. So you start dialing up the companies and preparing yourself for the dreaded haggling and the usual tangled up excuses as to why it simply won’t happen.

But you can’t even get to the confusing conversation part because you’ve been on hold for 13 minutes and you’re about to lose your patience — maybe even your sanity.

That’s where Truebill comes in.

Truebill is a free app that will help negotiate your bills, cancel unwanted subscriptions you’ve been hanging on to, and get you refunds on bank fees. How do you get started? Simply download the app, create an account, and link your bank account — credit cards, too — to your account.

Once you’ve set up an account, turn on the bill negotiation and outage protection features and Truebill goes to work searching for potential refunds; it can even get you a refund when your internet goes down. According to Truebill, customers save an average of $700 a year by lowering their bills, securing refunds, and canceling unnecessary (and pesky) subscriptions.

But how exactly does Truebill work when it comes to negotiating lower bill rates?

You connect your bill either by logging in or by snapping a photo. Truebill’s negotiators get to work finding hidden discounts and promo rates available to you. The Truebill team then negotiates your bill without ever downgrading, changing, or removing any of your services. They work to lower your bill either by negotiating better rates or by getting one-time credits applied to your account.

Truebill works with many of the nation’s largest providers, including AT&T, Verizon, FiOS, Sprint, Cox, and more. Once the negotiation is complete, you’ll receive an email letting you know your bill has changed and indicated how much you can expect to save.

This is one money-saving app that’ll make a true believer out of you.


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