National Parks Pass: The Best $80 You’ll Even Spend


Get Your Summer On: For Just $80 You Can Get Into 9 National Parks

What could be better:  The weather’s warm, the travel savings are hot, and one cool road trip awaits. For just $80 you can get a pass that allows entrance into every national park in the United States all year long. Expect curvy and captivating mountain roads, jaw-dropping scenery, an abundance of pristine wonders, and a true sense of calm that only comes from focusing your senses on all things natural and beautiful. Here’s a sampling of some of the country’s most spectacular national parks.  

1. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado


Take in stunning views of the Rockies from the trail or when you’re on the road; the park has the highest continuous paved road in the United States. Car-accessible campsites are available.  

2. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana 


Yellowstone spans three states and is famous for being home to Old Faithful and a collection of other geysers. 

3. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


Some say Grand Teton is even more beautiful than Yellowstone. This park is home to breathtaking mountains that are wilderness at its most wonderful.  

4. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington


In addition to being an active volcano, Mount Rainier holds the title of highest peak in the Cascades. Drive-in campgrounds cost only $12-$15 per night. 

5. Glacier National Park, Montana


Count among this park’s attractions 130 lakes and expansive valleys carved by glaciers. You can camp at the park for $10 to $23 per night during the summer months. 

6. Arches National Park, Utah


A star among the country’s national parks, Arches invites camping under an open sky where you’ll be treated to some of the best constellation gazing you can find anywhere. Delicate, ancient arches give the park an unrivaled historical beauty.  

7. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon


A stunning blue lake suffuses a 2,000-foot-deep crater with an otherworldly beauty. Take a breather and enjoy fishing, boat tours, and summer swimming at its best. 

8. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado


Who doesn’t like putting their feet in the sand in summer? Climb up massive piles of sand that reach up hundreds of feet then jump, sled, or run down them for wind-in-your-hair thrills that give new meaning to sand blast.  

9. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado


Smaller than the Grand Canyon but big on Beauty, the Black Canyon allows for some amazing hiking down to the bottom (there aren’t any developed or maintained trails leading down to the river). 


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