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Its name says it all:  Escape. A new flight search site, developed by the MIT Senseable City Laboratory in Singapore, can help you escape to your perfect vacation, escape from high airline prices, and escape from what can seem like infinite Internet options for finding the best travel offeringsEscape lets you see the cheapest flights available on any given day or night to worldwide locations.  

Giving Your The Green Light To Fly Affordably 

The getaway you’ve been putting off way too long. A business trip that shouldn’t be work to plan. A short jaunt that isn’t long on logistics. With Escape, you can plan for any kind of travel quickly and easily:  Just input your location, the date of your travel, and Escape does the rest.  

Flight prices are color coded for ease in selecting:  Green indicates the cheapest flights, yellow the slightly more expensive options, and red the most expensive. In addition to showing you the cheapest airfares, the Escape tool allows you to select locations using weather and popularity as filters.

For example, you can set the weather input for a specific vacation spot with temperatures that, on average, get no colder than 70 degrees. Or if you use a filter such as “extremely” popular destinations, locales such as Los Angeles or Las Vegas are likely to be displayed.  

Another useful site feature:  You can input your budget limit and Escape will apply that filter to your search, providing you with cost options either at or below your indicated amount. 

Wanderlust? Wonder No More About The Best Airfare Prices 

When it comes to web tools or apps that can help you find great prices for getting out in the world, Escape isn’t the only game in town. Recent updates to Google Flights and Google Hotels make it easier to score great vacation deals.

One of the best updates to Google Flights:  The price insight tool is now available 365 days a year, not just during peak holiday times. Check the price meter to see how the airfare you’ve selected compares to average prices and if the price is expected to increase or decrease.  

Travelers who are in the know about where to go and how to get there cheaply look to the app Hopper for updated information. The app analyzes not thousands, not millions, but trillions of airfares so that you can determine the best day to book your flight. All of which means the sky’s the limit when it comes to how much you can save on your next getaway. 


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