Pro Travel Tip: Understanding Delta’s New “Reclaim My Status” Benefit


Delta’s Reclaim Your Status Benefit:  A Major Life Event Doesn’t Have To Clip Your Wings 

The itinerary has been planned. The tickets purchased. The dog sitter set up and the snail mail suspended. Then out of the blue (much like the plane on which you were planning to travel) an unexpected event occurs and your ability to head out is upended.

The good news: Delta has made it easier for SkyMiles Medallion Members to maintain the benefits of their elite status after major life events that impede their travel plans.  

When submitting a request for your Reclaim Your Status benefit, remember that supporting documents will be required that provide evidence of your life event.  

Life Events That Qualify For The Reclaim Your Status Benefit 

Although Delta will review each request on a case-by-case status, some examples of life events that can be considered include: 

  1. Recovering from a serious illness
  2. Sustaining a serious injury
  3. Becoming a parent (including maternity, paternity, adoption, or foster leave)
  4. Caregiving for a family member
  5. Changing jobs or careers
  6. Getting a degree

Submitting A Benefit Request 

Once you’re ready to start traveling again, you can submit a request on Delta’s Reclaim Your Status webpage. Generally, the request will be reviewed within five business days but the review could take up to two weeks. Once Delta approves the request, you’ll receive an email reinstating your automatic three months of complimentary Medallion status.  

Length Of Status 

Following approval, the level of benefits you received as a Medallion member before your life event will be restored for three months. During that time period you’re required to meet the minimum travel and spend requirements in order to maintain your Medallion status for the remainder of the year plus an additional Medallion year.  

Good To Know 

All requests are reviewed individually, so there aren’t many generalizations of which you need to be aware. Although the Reclaim Your Status benefit was developed to help Delta frequent flyers who lost their status in the previous year, the airline will make exceptions for life events that might have delayed and interrupted travel for more than a year.

On average, participation is limited to once every three years but exceptions may be made based on individual circumstances. 


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