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Spa treatments should have you saying “aahhh” not “aargh”:  You love the whole spa experience but not the high price tag that often comes with it. Pampering, it seems, can hit your wallet hard, making the whole treatment experience more taxing than relaxing. Here are some ideas for getting your DIY spa day on while keeping your budget happy, too. 

 1. Use inexpensive coconut oil instead of expensive deep conditioners and body lotions. A good-sized jar runs about $4 and lasts several months.  

2. If you use Lush cosmetics or know someone who does, turn in the small black pots and  bottles the products come in and you’ll get a free face mask to do at home that’s worth at least $9.  

3. Grab a 60-cent container of plain, generic yogurt when you’re looking to clear up blemishes and reduce fine lines.  

4. Sign up for a Sephora Play subscription for just $10 per month and you’ll receive a box of deluxe product samples and a bonus fragrance.  

5. Open your eyes to how easy it is to reduce bags, puffs, and irritation in the most delicate area of your face. Get a cucumber for about 75 cents, place a slice on each eye, and in minutes you’ll see results.  

6. Soak away foot fatigue with a homemade foot scrub that costs less than $1 to make. Mix together one part coconut oil with two parts sugar, then scent with a few drops of essential oil.  

7. Keep a lemon-sugar hand scrub within reach – it costs less than $2 to make. Blend one part oil (olive oil works great) with two parts sugar, the juice from half a lemon, and a pinch of lemon zest.  

8. Exfoliate and smooth your skin without putting a crimp in your wallet. Create a concoction of one tablespoon wheat germ, one tablespoon oat brantwo tablespoons almond oil, and three drops Sweet Orange essential oil.  


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