Save On E-Books And Cut Your Kindle Costs


The ABCs Of How To Save On E-Books And Cut Your Kindle Costs

You bought your new tablet with the intention of saving money on buying hardcover and paperback books. But it didn’t take long before the cost of feeding your reading habit began to add up and you started to feel not too kindly toward Kindle. Maybe it’s time to turn the page and start getting your books at BookBub.

Begin by visiting the site and creating a free account. Simply indicate the device you use to read ebooks and choose your favorite genres. You can expect BookBub to send you a customized daily email list of 10 discounted books in your selected genres; most are on sale for $1 to $1.99, you might come across a couple that cost $2.99, and most likely your list will include a few free titles as well. Deals are for a limited time only.

Although publishers pay a fee to submit their books to BookBub and be included in the daily email lists, the service is free for readers. BookBub doesn’t sell books directly; it serves as a sort of a virtual bulletin board that lets you know about book deals available elsewhere.

After choosing a book from the email, the link takes you to the purchase page in Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, Apple’s Book Store, or Amazon’s Kindle store. From there, the process is like purchasing any other ebook. When you’re on the book’s page on the book-buying site you can see any ratings or reviews. Another bonus: Cheaper books don’t necessarily mean lower quality; many of the books available on Amazon have four out of five stars. In addition, your email list could contain major works by well-known authors such as Anne Rice, Alice Hoffman, Michael Crichton, and more. If you prefer to search for specific books then BookBub might not be for you as you can’t search for individual titles.

Receiving your daily customized book list is a lot like wandering down a row of books in a library: fascinating, intriguing, and wonderfully appealing. Knowing that you can choose from a rich selection of tomes without overtaxing your budget? That’s a happy ending, indeed.


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