Selling a Home: Fix These 7 Turnoffs If You Want To Sell Your House



The ‘For Sale’ sign goes up — and so does your anxiety. You’re looking for two things:  to sell quick and get the best price. But interviews with home staging experts and real estate experts, along with industry studies, reveal there are several buyer turn-offs that can make your house seem more dreary than dreamy, and could result in you taking a hit in selling price. 

The good news:  they’re all easy and affordable fixes. 

1. Lousy Landscaping 

Yes, what’s on the outside does matter. Landscaping, including mowing the lawn and trimming shrubs, can make your yard welcoming and appealing, which can attract more potential buyers.  

2. Popcorn Is Good At The Movies – Not In Your House 

Popcorn-finished ceilings are dated, defy cleaning, are difficult to paint, and just plain unattractive. In short – smooth ceilings sell. 

3. Buyers Are Wary Of Wall To Wall Carpeting 

Today’s buyers expect to see hardwood floors, even in starter homes. Shag carpet. Stained carpet. Smelly carpet. If any of these are underfoot in your house, you might be looking at a step-down in offers. 

4. Faux Crystal Faucet Handles:  A Home Decor Faux Pas 

The 80s called – they want their faucets back. Acrylic, faux crystal knobs look cheap and are hard to clean. Polished chrome fixtures look stylish, cost the least, and are very durable. 

5. Wallpaper And Wood Paneling Woes 

Buyers generally don’t love wallpaper and wood paneling:  They might not see the decorative benefit, only the time and effort to remove it. You can strip it yourself (be prepared to set aside a good amount of time and apply some elbow grease) or pay a professional to get the job done. 

6. How Illuminating:  Buyers Respond To Light 

Buyers don’t respond to dark houses that can seem unwelcoming, even claustrophobic. Open up drapes or replace heavy curtains that keep daylight out. If your home has a shortage of expansive windows, buy additional indoor lighting sources such as table lamps that can add coziness and charm to your interior spaces.  

7. Bathroom Carpet Could Mean Your Asking Price Goes Down The Drain 

It really happened:  Some new-home builders in the 1990s added carpeting to their bathrooms. Most likely, there wont’ be a lot of potential buyers who find a bathroom appealing if it has carpeting that absorbs odors, moisture, and more. Vinyl flooring that looks like tile is as economical as it is beautiful,  and it can create the impression of a luxurious spa bathroom.  


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