Serious About Paying Off Debt? Check Out These Podcasts


Without a doubt, learning about personal finances is important — but how much of your personal time are you willing to expend hearing about the ins and outs of banking, saving, and keeping a lid on debt? Finance books can be tedious and audiobooks time consuming, which means you may find yourself skimming information and skipping important details.

If you’re looking for a wealth of information about paying off debt in an easy-to-digest format, podcasts might just fit the bill. Listen as often as you want, when you want, and to as much or as little information as you want. And that other sound you hear? That’s the sound of cash piling up while your debt disappears.

Here are a few of the best finance podcasts to choose from:

The Money Nerds Podcast

A personal finance coach interviews experts in paying off debt, saving money, and diverse topics such as career development. Tune in for talks with Whitney Hansen that make complex matters like credit scores and investing seem simple and straightforward.

Marriage, Kids and Money

Just like kids, money can grow — especially if you have the know-how when it comes to paying off debt and saving. This podcast, hosted by Andy Hill, is geared to families with young children but also includes topics on a breadth of money subjects from which everyone can benefit.

The Side Hustle Show

No matter which side of the ledger your finances are on — plus or minus — The Side Hustle Show can lead the way to starting and scaling a side business. For those looking to make money outside of a full-time job, Nick Loper’s podcast deserves your full attention.

Afford Anything

Put aside what conventional wisdom tells you about personal finance and, instead, think about what makes dollars and sense for your life. Host Paula Pant encourages engaging conversation with industry experts who provide insight into how to optimize money.

The Stacking Benjamins Show

If you think topics about money can’t be funny, you haven’t tuned in to The Stacking Benjamins Show. Yes, every show is hilarious but the subject matter remains serious:
everything from personal finance topics to the newest financial apps. Because as we all know, paying off debt is no joke.


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