Supermarket Showdown: Aldi vs. Whole Foods


When It Comes To Saving Money On Groceries, Are You All In For Aldi Or Is Whole Foods Better On The Whole? 

Take a walk down the produce aisle of your local supermarket and the variety might be a sight for sore eyes but the high prices could leave your wallet hurting. Of course you want the freshest, tastiest products that have that farm-to-table fabulousness but do you really want to put a dent in your weekly budget just to get a bite out of a fresh apple? 

Luckily for you, Amazon-owned Whole Food announced a recent round of significant price cuts, claiming that they’ve lowered everyday prices on not just a few but hundreds of produce items by an average of 20 percent. But how competitive are the new prices?

In October of 2018, Kiplinger conducted price comparisons on 50 grocery staples at Whole Foods and Aldi; the latter’s prices proved to be a full one-third cheaper than Whole Foods. But will the new reduced Whole Foods prices give Aldi a run for its money? Read on to find out. 

Eggs And Milk 

You might not feel like cracking a smile when you see these price differentials:  A dozen large white eggs at Aldi went for 99 cents a dozen vs. $2.99 a dozen at Whole Foods. When it came to purchasing milk, shoppers were paying a dollar more for a gallon of milk at Whole Foods. 

Meat And Seafood 

Aldi doesn’t have in-store butcher shops like Whole Foods but their cut-rate prices on meat were significant. Whole Foods was selling 90 percent lean fresh ground beef for $6.99 a pound in comparison to Aldi’s price of $3.99 per pound. Fresh turkey, spiral sliced hams, and fresh Atlantic salmon were also cheaper at Aldi. 

Organic Fruits 

Aldi still had the sweeter deal when it came to pricing organic fruits; for example, Aldi’s organic blueberries cost $3.49 a pint vs. $4.49 a pint at Whole Foods. Organic bananas and organic strawberries were also cheaper at Aldi. 

Organic Vegetables 

Whole Foods may have chopped its produce prices but Aldi still offers a range of organic vegetables for less money. Avocados, peeled baby carrots, baby spinach, and chopped kale – all organic – each sold for less at Aldi, with price differentials ranging from 7 cents per item to a dollar or more. 

Organic Soups And Broth 

The big price difference between organic soups and broth may bowl you over:  Aldi’s Simply Nature organic soups rang in it $1.79 for an 18.6-ounce can while Amy’s organic soups at Whole Foods registered at $3.69 for cans ranging from 14.1 ounces to 14.5 ounces. 


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